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Rhan Ran Back To Lions

Rhan Hooper is back with the Brisbane Lions but it will be several months before he could be playing AFL football after he missed preseason training.

Story from Brisbane newspaper The Courier-Mail: Lions fine Hooper

AFL Fantasy Impact:

The Lions do need Hooper out there as he is one of their better small forwards. Maybe he makes an appearance in round 6 or 8, or later in the season , and he might be worth a fantasy spot if his price is low. Last season, Hooper’s price in fantasy leagues tripled in value, so he is a player to watch.

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NAB Cup Teams: Cats, Tigers, Hawks, Demons, Dockers and Eagles

Geelong v Richmond

Geelong squad: 1. Steven King, 2. Tom Harley, 3. Jimmy Bartel, 4. Andrew Mackie, 6. Brad Ottens, 7. Tim Callan, 8. Josh Hunt, 9. James Kelly, 11. Joel Corey, 14. Joel Selwood, 16. Charlie Gardiner, 17. Shannon Byrnes, 18. Nathan Djerrkura, 19. Matthew Egan, 21. Cameron Mooney, 23. Nathan Ablett, 24. Mark Blake, 27. Mathew Stokes, 29. Gary Ablett, 30. Matthew Scarlett, 32. Brent Prismall, 36. Todd Grima, 37. Joel Reynolds, 38. Sam Hunt, 39. Darren Milburn, 40. David Wojcinski, 44. Corey Enright, 45. Cameron Ling.

What to watch, for picking AFL fantasy players:

With no Hawkins it is "other Ablett" who could establish himself as a big forward for the Cats. Nathan Ablett should have a good year, which will mean he is a steal for AFL fantasy leagues. The small forward spot at Geelong might be between little Byrnes and Stokes, they are both very quick but the Cats might only have a spot for one of them in the team. Sam Hunt has a good kick and it will be interesting to see if he gets a spot in their regular season team, and also something to watch is to see how many times he is called Josh. If Gibbs has already been anointed as a leader by Carlton then Selwood might be getting a similar spot with the Cats soon. Watch to see how Selwood handles the AFL but he should not have any problems and he will be a player who is on a lot of fantasy teams.

Richmond squad: 1. Chris Newman, 2. Darren Gaspar, 3. Brett Deledio, 4. Andrew Raines, 6. Graham Polak, 7. Nathan Brown, 10. Shane Edwards, 11. Joel Bowden, 12. Matthew Richardson, 13. Trent Knobel, 14. Dean Polo, 15. Kayne Pettifer, 16. Patrick Bowden, 17. Kane Johnson, 21. Shane Tuck, 22. Danny Meyer, 26. Adam Pattison, 27. Andrew Krakouer, 30. Richard Tambling, 31. Chris Hyde, 32. Greg Tivendale, 33. Brent Hartigan, 34. Cleve Hughes, 35. Matthew White, 40. Kelvin Moore, 41. Nathan Foley, 43. Cam Howat, 44. Angus Graham.

What to watch, for picking AFL fantasy players:
No Kingsley, that will be a disappointment to the fans there for both teams. It will be a forward line of Richardson and mostly some smalls, with Schulz and Riewoldt also out of this game. Maybe the ruck spot will produce a new fantasy player. Knobel, Pattison and Polak could all play there in this game and with Simmonds possibly out for round 1 a fantasy ruck could be found. Shane Edwards might be a player to sign for fantasy teams if the Tigers continue to play him.

Hawthorn v Melbourne

Hawthorn squad: 2. Jarryd Roughead, 3. Jordan Lewis, 4. Rick Ladson, 5. Sam Mitchell, 6. Mark Williams, 9. Shane Crawford, 10. Chance Bateman, 12. Brad Sewell, 13. Simon Taylor, 14. Grant Birchall, 15. Luke Hodge, 16. Beau Dowler, 17. Beau Muston, 18. Brent Guerra, 20. Tim Boyle, 21. Richard Vandenberg, 22. Ben McGlynn, 23. Lance Franklin, 25. Tim Clarke, 26. Zac Dawson, 27. Stephen Gilham, 28. Matthew Little, 30. Campbell Brown, 33. Josh Thurgood, 34. Brent Renouf, 38. Travis Tuck, 39. Robert Campbell, 45. Clinton Young.

What to watch, for picking AFL fantasy players:
How the Hawks structure their forward line is not only important for them but it can have an affect on several fantasy players. Franklin, Dowler and Williams could all be solid fantasy forwards. Campbell is their number 1 ruckman but this game could decide who his backup is, Renouf or Taylor. Thurgood and Dawson could be playing, maybe not important for fantasy teams but if they battle Neitz it could make headlines.

Melbourne squad: 1. Simon Buckley, 2. Nathan Jones, 3. Clint Bizzell, 4. Ben Holland, 6. Matthew Bate, 7. Brad Miller, 8. James Frawley, 9. David Neitz, 10. Daniel Ward, 11. Paul Johnson, 13. Adem Yze, 14. Lynden Dunn, 17. Chris Johnson, 18. Brad Green, Number. Name, 21. Daniel Bell, 23. James McDonald, 24. Russell Robertson, 25. Nathan Brown, 27. Jared Rivers, 30. Simon Godfrey, 32. Cameron Bruce, 33. Byron Pickett, 35. Ryan Ferguson, 37. Matthew Warnock, 38. Daniel Hughes, 40. Mark Jamar, 41. Nathan Carroll, 45. Matthew Whelan.

What to watch, for picking AFL fantasy players:
It could be the return of Bizzell, maybe he gets back into form but the Demons might have better options now. Frawley is more advanced than expected and he might earn a spot in the back half, and that should be enough to make him useful for fantasy AFL. The Demons might want to play another tall forward and this game could showcase Paul Johnson, Dunn, Miller and Warnock.

Fremantle v West Coast

Fremantle squad: 1. Luke Webster, 2. Josh Carr, 4. Paul Hasleby, 5. Ryley Dunn, 6. Dean Solomon, 7. Brett Peake, 8. Shaun McManus, 9. Matt Carr, 11. Des Headland, 14. Antoni Grover, 15. Ryan Crowley, 16. David Mundy, 18. Luke McPharlin, 19. James Walker, 20. Justin Longmuir, 24. Adam Campbell, 25. Steven Dodd, 27. Daniel Gilmore, 28. Ryan Murphy, 29. Matthew Pavlich, 30. Marcus Drum, 31. Aaron Sandilands, 33. Jeff Farmer, 35. Garrick Ibbotson, 36. Andrew Browne, 37. Michael Johnson, 41. Paul Duffield, 43. Roger Hayden.

What to watch, for picking AFL fantasy players:
Solomon as a forward might be good for fantasy statistics, this game will give an idea. Mundy or Johnson as a midfielder could also happen and that will be important for fantasy teams. Webster has good skills but hasn't secured a regular spot, he has the potential to be a big fantasy player.

West Coast squad: 1. Mitch Brown, 2. Mark LeCras, 4. Daniel Kerr, 5. Tyson Stenglein, 7. Chad Fletcher, 8. Beau Waters, 9. Ben Cousins, 10. Michael Braun, 11. Matt Priddis, 14. Mark Seaby, 15. Chad Jones, 17. Daniel Chick, 18. Rowan Jones, 19. Tim Houlihan, 20. Dean Cox, 21. Quinten Lynch, 22. Jaymie Graham, 23. Darren Glass, 24. Matt Rosa, 25. Shannon Hurn, 27. Ben McKinley, 29. Ashley Hansen, 35. Steven Armstrong, 37. Adam Selwood, 38. Brett Jones, 39. Adam Hunter, 41. Brent Staker, 44. David Wirrpanda.

What to watch, for picking AFL fantasy players:
There isn't a lot of changes with the Eagles. Brown is someone to watch and he might become the Eagles' third tall forward. if that happens then sign him to your fantasy team. This game is also another chance for players like Staker and Graham to push for a spot, Staker produces for AFL fantasy when the Eagles play him. Priddis has the potential to become a very good centre player for fantasy points. If selecting a Jones for fantasy AFL from the Eagles, select Rowan then Brett before Chad.
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AFL Auction Action: Ansett Cup AFL Cards And Riewoldt In Cardboard

Some interesting football cards from over a decade ago. Mick Martyn, with hair, Wayne Carey, with hair, as well as Austinn Jones and Tony Modra. A subset of players who starred in the preseason Ansett Cup competition. North Melbourne won the Ansett Cup in 1995, the Saints were victorious in 1996.

1995 Select series 2 Ansett Cup stars

Here is something that all fans of the Saints will want, a life-size Nick Riewoldt. A bargain and would be something to take along to the games, why take a flag when you could have a cardboard Riewoldt.

Lifesize Nick Riewoldt St Kilda Standee

Riewoldt might have had the action figure last year but that is nothing compared to this, Mark "Jacko" Jackson's battery operated Oi! Jacko Gym.

'Oi Jacko Gym' Mark Jackson AFL Football battery toy
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NAB Cup Teams: Bulldogs, Swans, Blues, Bombers, Saints and Lions

Western Bulldogs v Sydney

Western Bulldogs squad: 1. Farren Ray, 4. Daniel Cross, 5. Matthew Boyd, 6. Brad Johnson, 7. Scott West, 9. Lindsay Gilbee, 13. Daniel Giansiracusa, 15. Sam Power, 16. Ryan Griffen, 18. Cameron Faulkner, 19. Shaun Higgins, 20. Travis Baird, 21. Jason Akermanis, 22. Dylan Addison, 23. Jordan McMahon, 27. Will Minson, 28. Damien McCormack, 29. Andrejs Everitt, 30. Matthew Robbins, 31. Josh Hill, 32. Andrew McDougall, 34. Wayde Skipper, 36. Brian Harris, 37. Cameron Wight. 39. Malcolm Lynch, 40. Jarrod Harbrow, 41. Marty Pask, 43. Brett Montgomery.

What to watch, for picking AFL fantasy players:
If Everitt is playing he will be a player to watch. If any of their first year players are to become solid fantasy players it will be Everitt, in a role around half back. Akermanis will get all the attention from fans, but for fantasy teams Akermanis is a known commodity while McDougall could be a fantasy steal this season. Watch to see where they play McDougall and how much of the ball is directed to him. Addison is another player who could get a regular spot in the Bulldogs team, and he is an inexpensive fantasy option. Faulkner might be an option to replace Rohan Smith's run from the back, if he performs anywhere near that level then sign him up for AFL fantasy.

Sydney squad: 2. Nick Davis, 3. Jarrad McVeigh, 4. Ben Matthews, 5. Ryan O’Keefe, 6. Craig Bolton, 8. Daniel O’Keefe, 9. Nick Malceski, 18. Jesse White, 22. Matthew Laidlaw, 23. Peter Faulks, 25. Ted Richards, 26. Sean Dempster, 27. Kristin Thornton, 29. Jonathan Simpkin, 31. Brett Kirk, 32. Amon Buchanan, 34. Ryan Brabazon, 35. Daniel Currie, 36. Tim Schmidt, 37. Adam Goodes, 38. Luke Vogels, 40. Nick Smith, 41. Ed Barlow, 42. Paul Bevan, 45. Earl Shaw, 46. Sam Rowe, 47. Simon Phillips, 48. Kieren Jack.

What to watch, for picking AFL fantasy players:
Dempster should be one of the big fantasy steals so watch how he goes in this game, he should have a much bigger role. Richards kicked a bunch of goals against Collingwood a week ago, you would not expect him to be moved to the forward line for the regular season but you never know. Players like Bevan and D O'Keefe could be competing for Schneider's spot, this game could be important for that. Although listed, Goodes may not be playing in this game, and if he does it will be with limited minutes.

Carlton v Essendon

Carlton squad: 1. Andrew Walker, 2. Jordan Russell, 3. Marc Murphy, 4. Bryce Gibbs, 5. Josh Kennedy, 6. Kade Simpson, 7. Adam Bentick, 8. Lance Whitnall, 9. Jason Saddington, 11. Cain Ackland, 12. Matthew Lappin, 14. Brad Fisher, 17. Setanta O’hAilpin, 18. Paul Bower, 19. Eddie Betts, 23. Adam Hartlett, 24. Nick Stevens, 25. Brendan Fevola, 26. Joe Anderson, 28. Cameron Cloke, 29. Heath Scotland, 30. Jarrad Waite, 32. Bret Thornton, 33. Ryan Houlihan, 38. Ryan Jackson, 41. Ross Young, 43. Anthony Koutoufides, 44. Andrew Carrazzo.

What to watch, for picking AFL fantasy players:
Waite in the back line is something fantasy managers have been waiting for, he could be a big fantasy player at centre half back. That move would also help Kennedy, who would be their big target at centre half forward. Both players will be affordable in fantasy leagues, Kennedy could be very cheap. This game is also a chance for Ackland to grab the number 1 ruck spot, if he does play a lot of minutes in the ruck he might find a use for fantasy teams. The biggest thing to watch is Gibbs, he's already made it into Carlton's leadership battalion so sign him up for AFL fantasy.

Essendon squad: 4. Jobe Watson, 5. James Hird, 6. Angus Monfries, 8. Jason Winderlich, 10. Mark McVeigh, 11. Damien Peverill, 12. Andrew Welsh, 13. Andrew Lovett, 14. Jason Johnson, 15. Courtenay Dempsey, 16. Kepler Bradley, 18. Matthew Lloyd, 19. David Hille, 20. Henry Slattery, 21. Courtney Johns, 22. Mal Michael, 23. Mark Bolton, 23. Richard Cole, 24. Brent Stanton, 25. Scott Lucas, 26. Chris Heffernan, 27. Jason Laycock, 29. Alwyn Davey, 30. Patrick Ryder, 31. Dustin Fletcher, 36. Sam Lonergan, 42. Nathan Lovett-Murray, 43. Bachar Houli.

What to watch, for picking AFL fantasy players:
It's supposed to be the unveiling of Essendon's unstoppable forward line. So see if Lloyd, Hird, Johns, Lucas, Lovett and Davey get enough of the ball. Most should be effective fantasy players, with maybe Johns and Davey not getting as much of the ball. But Johns has been in good form so don't count him out, and Davey will be one of the cheaper fantasy forwards to purchase too. Cole has had a good preseason and might be worth a fantasy roster spot if he gets a regular spot in the Essendon back line. Big Laycock is listed to get a run in this game, he might not be a fantasy player now but if Hille is out then Laycock woud be a player to consider signing.

St Kilda v Brisbane

Brisbane squad: 2. Chris Johnson, 4. Ben Fixter, 5. Scott Harding, 6. Luke Power, 7. Jed Adcock, 8. Tim Notting, 9. Ashley McGrath, 10. Matthew Moody, 11. Justin Sherman, 12. James Hawksley, 13. Chris Schmidt, 15. Matthew Tyler, 17. Jared Brennan, 19. Jamie Charman, 20. Simon Black, 21. Daniel Merrett, 24. Joel Patfull, 25. Wayde Mills, 30. Robert Copeland, 31. Cameron Wood, 32. Cheynee Stiller, 35. Michael Rischitelli, 37. Sam Sheldon, 38. Haydn Kiel, 40. Will Hamill, 42. Marcus Allan, 43. Beau McDonald 46. Colm Begley.

What to watch, for picking AFL fantasy players:
Leuenberger misses with a minor injury so Charman and Wood will get ruck minutes, if Wood plays well he could be a good fantasy ruckman. But there is also McDonald in the mix too. Charman may play forward a lot in this game. Schmidt might be a goal-kicker that the Lions go to, with Brown and Bradshaw out. It will also be interesting to see where they play Brennan.

St Kilda squad: 1. Jason Gram, 3. Xavier Clarke, 4. Andrew Thompson, 10. Steven Baker, 11. Leigh Montagna, 17. Aaron Fiora, 18. Brendon Goddard, 20. David Armitage, 21. Matthew Ferguson, 22. Shane Birss, 24. Barry Brooks, 25. Sam Fisher, 27. Jason Blake, 28. Matthew Clarke, 29. Michael Rix, 30. Brad Howard, 32. Andrew McQualter, 33. James Gwilt, 34. Phil Raymond, 36. Jarryd Allen, 37. Justin Sweeney, 38. Clint Jones, 39. Luke van Rheenen, 40. Robert Eddy, 41. James Wall, 42. Jarryn Geary, 43. Jayden Attard, 44. Stephen Milne.

What to watch, for picking AFL fantasy players:
The Saints have lost a few players to injuries but that could help them find some other players who are ready to step up. Armitage should be a regular in their side this season, and also in a lot of fantasy teams, but Birss could use this game to push for a senior spot and youngsters like Allen could also use this game to impress the coach. If Riewoldt, Hamill, Watts and Koschitzke are not ready for round 1 then a tall like Allen could have a big role. Also watch to see if Brooks is able to dominate against Brisbane again. It's been a long time since Matthew Clarke debuted for the Bears, but his debut for the Saints in this game might setup the number 1 ruck spot for him with Gardiner out.
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Hamill Visits The Surgeon Again

If they have frequent operating room points then Aaron Hamill is rich, as he is back having knee surgery. It looks like he will miss some games but hopefully he returns smaller, according to the Saints he slimmed down a bit, and better.

Official news from the Saints: Knee setback for Hamill

AFL Fantasy Impact:

Hamill was supposed to be the secret weapon for fantasy teams this season, he would have been overlooked by many people and his fantasy price would have been low. A healthy Hamill could have picked up plenty of stats as other teams focused on stopping Riewoldt and Gehrig. With his latest injury problem that plan will be put on hold, at least with Hamill, as there could be another Saint who finds more playing time. The Saints have their two big forwards, a bunch of small guys who can play there, but without Hamill there they don’t have the medium-sized option. Watch to see how Coach Lyon addresses this, it might produce a surprise fantasy player. Fiora is as tall as Hamill, although everything else about them is different, but maybe he plays better as a forward. If Maguire is playing then the Saints have the back line under control, maybe Gram, Goddard or a Fisher go forward. But if that happens they could have lower fantasy stats. The Saints might go with three talls, with Gehrig and Riewoldt being joined by Koschitze, Brooks or Allen. Brooks was a top 10 fantasy player last season by per game averages, although as everyone knows he only played in the one regular season game and that was against a depleted Brisbane team.
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Back To the Past With The AFL Update

The AFL have an exciting-looking updated official site, but not all the news is current. If you want to go back to February 2002 then click on their NAB Cup link. Exciting stories from 5 years ago include:

Roos kick past the Swans
Sun, Feb 24, 02 | Saverio Rocca gave Sydney a lesson in how to kick goals as the Roos kept their hopes of a Wizard Home Loans Cup semi-fin...

Crows survive the heat
Sun, Feb 24, 02 | Adelaide weathered the hot conditions and a fast-finishing St Kilda at Football Park to record its second win of the Wiz...

Blues surge late to keep Wizard hopes alive
Sat, Feb 23, 02 | Two goals late in time-on have given Carlton a hard-fought 12-point win over Geelong in an entertaining Wizard Home Loan...

Gutsy Bulldogs down Bombers
Sat, Feb 23, 02 | The never-say-die spirit of the Western Bulldogs was certainly evident today as the club ended one of the worst weeks of...

Port continues to impress
Sat, Feb 23, 02 | Port Adelaide has maintained its excellent pre-season form with a comfortable 66-point victory over a young Fremantle ou...

Voss inspires Lions back to winners list
Fri, Feb 22, 02 | The Brisbane Lions have survived a scare from Melbourne in the second round of the Wizard Home Loans Cup thanks to some ...

Hall boots five in crushing Sydney win
Sun, Feb 17, 02 | New Sydney spearhead Barry Hall could well turn out to be the recruit of the year if his dominant display for the Swans ...

Not only is Rocca, the elder, still playing but Barry Hall is Sydney’s “recruit of the year”. They will have this fixed soon, you would think, but until then if you want to go back in time here is your chance.

Home>Season 2007
The NAB Cup
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Ricciuto Might Not Be Ready

Adelaide’s Mark Ricciuto may not play in any of the NAB Cup games, if Adelaide do progress to the finals, and his preparation for round 1 of the regular season will be very limited.

Story from The Advertiser: Craig waits on Roo

AFL Fantasy Impact:

You don’t want to risk fantasy players who may not be ready, but as the story points out Ricciuto kicked 6 goals last season under similar circumstances. So there is a precedent to show that making an exception for Ricciuto might be a good idea. It would probably depend on Ricciuto’s fantasy price, the other forwards that Adelaide play and Ricciuto’s form in any practice matches that he gets before the season as to whether playing him in round 1 is the right thing to do. Without a solid preseason it is likely that Ricciuto is a permanent forward, with very little or no time in the middle of the ground. His days of being a fantasy superstar are probably over but he should still have plenty of value and could be a 50-goal forward.

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You Can Watch Luke McPharlin Leaping

They have Pavlich at one end of the ground who gets all the attention, and he deserves it, but the Dockers also have an excitement machine in their defensive half. Luke McPharlin has permission to take-off, and this video shows a memorable leap.

McPharlin Mark of the Year 2005. From the Youtube site.
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NAB Cup Teams: Power, Crows, Kangaroos and Magpies

Port Adelaide v Adelaide

Port Adelaide squad: 2. Darryl Wakelin, 3. Steven Salopek, 4. Daniel Motlop, 5. Brendon Lade, 6. Adam Thomson, 7. Peter Burgoyne, 8. Shaun Burgoyne, 10. Travis Boak, 11. Ryan Willits, 12. Nathan Lonie, 15. David Rodan, 16. Danyle Pearce, 18. Kane Cornes, 20. Dean Brogan, 21. Michael Wilson, 22. Josh Mahoney, 23. Brad Symes, 24. Damon White, 25. Domenic Cassisi, 26. Nick Lower, 29. Nathan Krakouer, 30. Troy Chaplin, 33. Brett Ebert, 35. Chad Cornes, 36. Michael Pettigrew, 39. Justin Westhoff, 41. Greg Bentley, 44. Tom Logan

What to watch, for picking AFL fantasy players:
Tredrea may not be there for round 1 so a couple of the Power forwards might have increased stats in the early regular season games. Watch to see how they use Ebert, Mahoney, Rodan and even Krakouer. Willits, Pettigrew and White could be the marking options up forward with no Tredrea. First-year players provide cheap fantasy players so watch Boak in his first big game, he could be a good fantasy centreman for your bench.

Adelaide squad: 2. John Meesen, 5. Scott Thompson, 6. Jonathan Griffin, 7. Nathan Van Berlo, 8. Nathan Bassett, 9. Tyson Edwards, 10. Matthew Bode, 11. Michael Doughty, 12. Robert Shirley, 13. Ben Hudson, 14. David Mackay, 15. Jason Torney, 16. Ken McGregor, 17. Scott Welsh, 19. Darren Pfeiffer, 21. Chris Knights, 23. Andrew McLeod, 25. Ben Rutten, 26. Richard Douglas, 27. Scott Stevens, 28. Bernie Vince, 33. Brent Reilly, 36. Simon Goodwin, 39. Martin Mattner, 40. Jason Porplyzia, 42. Rhys Archard, 43. Andrew McIntyre, 44. Nathan Bock

What to watch, for picking AFL fantasy players:
The big thing is the key forward positions. Welsh and Bock probably are the players in this game who get a chance to grab a forward position. Bock and Welsh are both solid fantasy players, but would be even more effective without Perrie and others playing. McGregor is another to watch, and he could also be tried in the ruck. Meesen also gets a chance to secure a senior spot. The Crows might also reveal where McLeod will be played, he may not have as many fantasy points if played as a forward.

Kangaroos v Collingwood

Kangaroos squad: 1. Hamish McIntosh, 2. Jonathan Hay, 3. Brady Rawlings, 4. Daniel Harris, 6. Shannon Grant, 7. Adam Simpson, 8. Daniel Wells, 9. Jess Sinclair, 12. Lindsay Thomas, 13. David Trotter, 16. Leigh Brown, 18. Brad Moran, 19. Andrew Swallow, 20. Drew Petrie, 21. Corey Jones, 23. Nathan Thompson, 24. Michael Firrito, 26. Lachlan Hansen, 27. Aaron Edwards, 28. Matt Riggio, 29. Brent Harvey, 30. Daniel Pratt, 31. David Hale, 32. Eddie Sansbury, 36. Shannon Watt, 38. Josh Gibson, 43. Matt Campbell, 44. Djaran Whyman

What to watch, for picking AFL fantasy players:
Not just for fantasy football, but also for entertainment you should be watching Hansen. You will want Hansen on your fantasy team no matter where the Kangaroos play him. He's probably a defender for them, and will get even more stats there. With McIntosh and Moran named in the team, you can bet that Hale will be played forward. There should be enough space up forward for Hale, Thompson and Edwards. Especially keep an eye on Edwards, he could be a very cheap fantasy player and he can kick plenty of goals. Leigh Brown is another player who might have a big fantasy year, he could have a midfield role with Petrie, Watt and Hansen in their back line. Watt might have competition for the full back spot with Hay named in the team. Lindsay Thomas will be an option for fantasy teams, he could be a low-priced forward or centre.

Collingwood squad: 1. Leon Davis, 2. Sean Rusling, 3. Ryan Lonie, 7. Paul Medhurst, 10. Scott Pendlebury, 13. Dale Thomas, 14. Shane Wakelin, 15. Chris Egan, 16. Nathan Brown, 17. Scott Burns, 19. Ben Davies, 20. Ben Reid, 21. Guy Richards, 22. Rhyce Shaw, 26. Ben Johnson. 27. Nick Maxwell, 28. Danny Stanley, 29. Ryan Cook, 30. Harry O’Brien, 32. Travis Cloke, 33. Brad Dick, 34. Alan Toovey, 37. Sam Iles, 39. Heath Shaw, 40. Chris Bryan, 41. Sharrod Wellingham, 43. Martin Clarke, 44. Daniel Nicholls

What to watch, for picking AFL fantasy players:
Bryan and Richards will have a good hitout in this game and they will be competing for the role as Fraser's backup for the regular season, or the number 1 ruck spot if Fraser misses games. There is also competition for forward spots with Thomas, Pendlebury, Rusling, Medhurst, Egan and others in the mix to replace Tarrant, and also Didak as he is still out. Thomas, Pendlebury and Rusling might be the best options for AFL fantasy teams. First round picks Reid and Brown will also be on show, they both have great potential and this game will show how far off they are from a regular spot. Martin Clarke might get a chance to play AFL in season 2007, if a long-term injury opens up a spot, so watch this game to get an idea of how good the Irish import is going to be.
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Black Eye For White Guy

It could have been a serious setback to the Demons’ chances this season but as Jeff White’s sight is alright Melbourne will have close to a full list to choose from for their NAB Cup game. White was hit by an elbow during Melbourne’s intra-club game yesterday.

News from Melbourne: White OK for NAB Cup

Plenty of other news from the Melbourne game, with James Frawley playing well and in contention for selection for the NAB Cup. Ricky Petterd, the Demons’ second round pick, had a minor leg injury during the game and may not be ready for Melbourne’s game against Hawthorn. Paul Johnson also gets a mention, he has been so forgotten about that some media outlets didn’t even include him on the Melbourne list. But Johnson could be a big forward option as long as he stays healthy.
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Preview Of Channel 7's Commentary team

It might be on Channel 7 tonight, a story about Cometti and McAvaney commentating during the Melbourne Demons intra-club match at Telstra Dome. Peter Mitchell was on Melbourne radio talking about it, with Cometti and McAvany being joined by Watson, Schwarz and Olarenshaw.

There is also injury news from this game, as Jeff White hurt his eye during the game.
From Yahoo Sports: White injures eye in Demons' match
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AFL Trivia Tuesday: February 20, 2007

The best player in the preseason grand final is given the Michael Tuck Medal. One year the medal was presented by the former Hawthorn star but he called the medal something else. Leave your answer in the comments section for this question, what did Michael Tuck mistakenly call the Michael Tuck Medal?
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Eagles To Play Mitch Brown

The Eagles have been winning but it hasn’t been due to a dominating forward line. Maybe the Eagles have found a third tall to team with Lynch and Hansen as first round pick Mitch Brown could be picked for their NAB Cup game. The supply to the forward line for that game won’t be what is usually is as Judd and Kerr will be missing.

Story from The Age: Hamstring to sideline in-form Kerr

AFL Fantasy Impact:

Mitch Brown wasn’t expected to have a big role this season but if he can give the Eagles another marking target up forward he could become a regular player. Possibly sign him for a bench spot, but if Hansen or Lynch are hurt then Brown could be very useful in AFL fantasy teams.
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The Tigers have announced their top 15 players from preseason training who will be selected in their NAB Cup match against Geelong.

1. Deledio
2. Foley
3. Howat
4. Tambling
5. Krakouer
6. Pettifer
7. Tivendale
8. J. Bowden
9. Tuck
10. Brown
11. Raines
12. P. Bowden
13. Moore
14. White
15. Newman

Deledio takes out the Challenge

Looking back at Richmond's top 25 from a week ago, the following players would have just missed out on an automatic spot:
Kane Johnson, Graham Polak, Daniel Jackson, Angus Graham, Dean Polo, Matthew Richardson, Brent Hartigan, Adam Pattison, Luke McGuane and Danny Meyer.
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Goodwin Could Be A Bad Loss For Adelaide

The AFL could fine and/or suspend four players for violating AFL rules concerning gambling. Simon Goodwin, Daniel Ward, David Hale and Keiren Jack are the players the AFL is investigating.

Statement from the AFL: Players named in betting probe

Story from The Age: Four players named in AFL gambling probe

AFL Fantasy Impact:

It's nearly time to choose AFL fantasy sides and Goodwin, Hale and Ward would have been in a lot of teams. But if they are suspended that will change fantasy points for several of their teammates. If Goodwin is out then the Crows have to find someone to replace his many kicks in the middle of the ground. More stats for Thompson, Reilly and Doughty would be expected. For a bargain in fantasy leagues a player like Porplyzia or Douglas might be an option. Hale was supposed to be the Kangaroos' new centre half forward this season, in the unlikely event he is suspended a couple of Kangaroo forwards could see more of the ball. Edwards is a player to watch and Ben Ross is an option too, and there is a also a chance that Hansen could be played forward. Ward consistently gets the ball for Melbourne but the Demons have plenty of options to replace him if that becomes necessary. For fantasy leagues that could mean more time and statistics for Sylvia, Bartram and Brown or the Demons might look to Petterd or Frawley. If Daniher does give one of his draft picks a game, sign them up for fantasy leagues.
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Foxtel AFL Games For Season 2007

Here are the games that Foxtel have circled in their advertisements as live AFL games on Pay TV. The listings are for games on Fox Sports that will be live in Victoria.

Round 1

Saturday, 31st March
Fremantle vs. Port Adelaide
Brisbane vs. Hawthorn

Sunday, 1st April
Adelaide vs. Essendon
Carlton vs. Richmond

Round 2

Saturday, 7th April
Richmond vs. Sydney
Geelong vs. Carlton

Sunday, 8th April
Port Adelaide vs. Kangaroos
Western Bulldogs vs. Adelaide

Round 3

Saturday, 14th April
Port Adelaide vs. Adelaide
Fremantle vs. West Coast

Sunday, 15th April
Sydney vs. Brisbane
Kangaroos vs. Hawthorn

Round 4

Saturday, 21st April
St. Kilda vs. Essendon
Kangaroos vs. Brisbane

Sunday, 22nd April
Hawthorn vs. Geelong
West Coast vs. Carlton

Round 5

Saturday, 28th April
Richmond vs. West Coast
Carlton vs. Brisbane

Sunday, 29th April
Hawthorn vs. Western Bulldogs
Fremantle vs. Adelaide

Round 6

Saturday, 5th May
West Coast vs. Western Bulldogs
Kangaroos vs. Sydney

Sunday, 6th May
Brisbane vs. Fremantle
Richmond vs. Geelong

Round 7

Saturday, 12th May
Collingwood vs. Carlton
Brisbane vs. Adelaide

Sunday, 13th May
Geelong vs. West Coast
Fremantle vs. Hawthorn

Round 8

Saturday,19th May
Geelong vs. Fremantle
Kangaroos vs. Carlton

Sunday, 20th May
Sydney vs. Port Adelaide
West Coast vs. Melbourne

Round 9

Saturday, 26th May
Carlton vs. Adelaide
Brisbane vs. Collingwood

Sunday, 27th May
Western Bulldogs vs. Sydney
Port Adelaide vs. Geelong

Round 10

Saturday, 2nd June
West Coast vs. Kangaroos
Richmond vs. Brisbane

Sunday, 3rd June
Port Adelaide vs. Hawthorn
St. Kilda vs. Geelong

Round 11

Saturday, 9th June
Hawthorn vs. Sydney
Carlton vs. Port Adelaide

Sunday, 10th June
Adelaide vs. Geelong
Fremantle vs. Richmond

Round 12

Saturday, 16th June
Western Bulldogs vs. Fremantle

Sunday, 17th June
Geelong vs. Brisbane
Port Adelaide vs. Essendon

Sunday, 24th June
West Coast vs. St. Kilda

Round 13

Saturday, 30th June
Fremantle vs. Carlton
Brisbane vs. Port Adelaide

Sunday, 1st July
Adelaide vs. West Coast
Collingwood vs. Hawthorn

Round 14

Saturday, 7th July
Western Bulldogs vs. Port Adelaide
West Coast vs. Brisbane

Sunday, 8th July
Sydney vs. Fremantle
Richmond vs. Kangaroos

Round 15

Saturday, 14th July
Port Adelaide vs. West Coast
Melbourne vs. Brisbane

Sunday, 15th July
Sydney vs. Carlton
Fremantle vs. Kangaroos

Round 16

Saturday, 21st July
Adelaide vs. Fremantle
St. Kilda vs. Hawthorn

Sunday, 22nd July
Brisbane vs. Carlton
Kangaroos vs. Melbourne

Round 17

Saturday, 28th July
Fremantle vs. Geelong
Sydney vs. Richmond

Sunday, 29th July
Hawthorn vs. Kangaroos
Port Adelaide vs. Melbourne

Round 18

Saturday, 4th August
Geelong vs. Richmond
Brisbane vs. Kangaroos

Sunday, 5th August
Melbourne vs. Sydney
West Coast vs. Fremantle

Round 19

Saturday, 11th August
Hawthorn vs. Brisbane
Sydney vs. St. Kilda

Sunday, 12th August
Kangaroos vs. West Coast
Fremantle vs. Essendon

Round 20

Saturday, 18th August
Essendon vs. Carlton
Brisbane vs. Sydney

Sunday, 19th August
Hawthorn vs. Port Adelaide
Adelaide vs. Western Bulldogs

Round 21

Saturday, 25th August
Fremantle vs. Melbourne
Adelaide vs. Brisbane

Sunday, 26th August
Western Bulldogs vs. Hawthorn
Essendon vs. Richmond

Round 22

Saturday, 1st September
West Coast vs. Essendon
Port Adelaide vs. Fremantle

Sunday, 2nd September
Sydney vs. Hawthorn
Melbourne vs. Carlton
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Schneider-Man Injures Hamstring

Sydney forward Adam Schneider was injured in the Sydney - Collingwood practice match. The seriousness of the injury should be known later today or tomorrow, but it is likely that he misses the NAB Cup. Schneider joins backman LRT on the Swans' injury list.

News from the Swans: Mixed bag for Swans

AFL Fantasy Impact:

The Swans do have depth for small forwards/midfielders and if they need to replace Schneider for round 1 it could mean another player becomes useful for fantasy. Paul Bevan might be the player they choose, he disappeared a bit last season so he will have an average price for fantasy leagues. The Swans used their first round pick in the draft to take Daniel O'Keefe, he would also be suited to filling Schneider's role. Watch their NAB Cup game to see if the Swans think D O'Keefe is ready.
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How Good Is Howat At Richmond

It is a surprise that Cameron Howat is not already on the Richmond senior list but his elevation off the rookie list should happen soon. If his coach says he is "impressive" that is a good sign. Howat has also been in the top 5 for the Tigers' preseason NAB Challenge.

Click here to read about Richmond's preseason training and intra-club match:Wallace sees 'nice signs'

AFL Fantasy Impact:

Howat played very well last season when the Tigers played him towards the end of the year, he was a useful addition to fantasy teams then. Now Howat could be a regular starter for AFL fantasy teams, and he should be affordable compared to many other centres.
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Koschitzke Injured Again

He has a leg injury but he should be there in round 1. He joins a big list of players there who are a bit injured now but should be ready for round 1. Other Saints that have a minor injury include Riewoldt and Hudghton while other players like Hamill, Maguire and Hayes are coming back from long-term injuries.

Read the story from the Saints' site: Quad sidelines Kosi

AFL Fantasy Impact:

Koschitzke is a big fantasy player, when healthy. This injury will obviously hurt his preparation for the regular season so playing him for round 1 might not be the best strategy. Gardiner is doubtful for round 1 too, so maybe M Clarke is an option for just the first game or two, especially in leagues that give fantasy points for hitouts.

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AFL Auction Action: Big-Priced Collingwood Items

Possibly one or two Collingwood fans will not qualify to bid on this auction as "the winner of the auction and their playing partner must have current Golf Australia Handicaps". That rules out some people who would have bid on the auction to play a round of golf with Buckley and Caracella. "The winner of the auction and their playing partner agree to adhere to the etiquette and dress regulations of the Metropolitan Golf Club Inc". You not only get to see Buckley but he will also give you a signed Collingwood jumper, but then you are banned from wearing it, that takes the fun out of it.

Play Golf with Nathan Buckley & Blake Caracella!

There are a bunch of prizes involved in this auction, including a lunch and also a lesson from Funch. All proceeds will go to a professional golfer, that's what it says.

If a round of golf isn't expensive enough then purchase the original hand-painted Collingwood life membership certificate.

Collingwood Certificate

Nothing to do with football, yet the following auction has a starting price of $2,899.00 and is listed in the merchandise area for Carlton collectables. "Also listed in: Sports Memorabilia > AFL / VFL > Carlton Blues > Merchandise". If you can figure out why then leave a comment. Is a player selling an old car to pay a fine, is the licence plate considered by illiterates to be a Carlton full forward's nickname, did the car get a parking ticket outside MC Hammer Labour Optus Princes Park one day?

1993 Holden GS Apollo Sedan
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Turning Back The Clock - Team Lists 15 years Ago - Western (Footscray) Bulldogs

The Bulldogs of today, and the Footscray Bulldogs players who were there in 1992.

A look at players who were in some small way similar to what the club has now, these are not direct player comparisons as there were plenty of players who were unique, one-of-kind stars. A fun test to see how many players were memorable from the past team, and how many have been forgotten about.

Western Bulldogs 2007 and 1992:

Dylan Addison - Nigel Kellett
Versatile player.

Jason Akermanis - Doug Hawkins
Starring on a wing.

Travis Baird - Danny Del-Re
Forward option.

Matthew Boyd - Tony Liberatore
Has a defensive part to their game.

Adam Cooney - Terry Wallace
Big midfielder.

Daniel Cross - Simon Atkins

Luke Darcy - Barry Standfield
Versatile tall.

Nathan Eagleton - Steven Kolyniuk
Short, little goal scorer.

Andrejs Everitt - Steven Kretiuk
Thin, athletic defender.

Cameron Faulkner - Shannon Corcoran
Often overlooked for selection.

Daniel Giansiracusa - Darren Baxter
Important runner.

Lindsay Gilbee - Leon Cameron
Designated kicker.

Chris Grant - Chris Grant
Grant had already played more than 50 career games by 1992.

Ryan Griffen - Shane Ellen
Important player in big games.

Mitchell Hahn - Mark Hunter
Same initials, same position.

Ryan Hargrave - Matthew Croft
Defender who takes on the big tasks.

Brian Harris - Tony Campbell
Full back.

Shaun Higgins - Gary Barrow
Backup midfielder.

Josh Hill - Troy Moloney
Small position prospect.

Brad Johnson - Brian Royal
Small forward with a lot of goals.

Malcolm Lynch - Darren Stanley
Very short player.

Damian McCormack - Tyson Lane
Small forward.

Andrew McDougall - Justin Charles
Big guy who didn't reach his potential.

Jordan McMahon - Matthew Mansfield
A bit thin but plays hard.

Will Minson - Ilija Grgic
Big guy.

Brett Montgomery - Steven Wallis
Veteran backman.

Dale Morris - Keenan Reynolds
Third tall defender option.

Robert Murphy - Bernard Toohey
A bit short but can still play a key position.

Paul O'Shea - Ben Sexton
Project big.

Sam Power - Michael Frost
Secondary midfielder.

Farren Ray - Rohan Smith
Midfielder/half back who gets a lot of the ball.

Matthew Robbins - Stephen MacPherson
Another quality small forward.

Wayde Skipper - Glenn Coleman
A big body to put in some different spots on the field.

Brennan Stack - Jamie Grant
Small forward/midfielder.

Peter Street - Scott Wynd
Tall ruckman.

Stephen Tiller - Greg Eppelstun
Depth on the list.

Tim Walsh - Adrian Campbell
Backup big forward.

Scott West - Scott West
West played his first game in 1993.

Cameron Wight - Peter Foster
Underrated tall defender.

Tom Williams - Jon Ballantyne
Forgotten bigman.
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You Can Watch A Football Commentator Exploding When He Was A Player

He might not be on television this season, but you will probably be able to hear him on the radio. In this game a lot of people would have been able to hear him as he let the umpire know he had a slight disagreement with his officiating. Click on the link to watch Brian Taylor in action with the video from the Youtube site.

BT loses the plot

Make sure you watch the end of the video, as you will see how Brian Taylor explains to several Essendon players that he is not pleased with the umpiring.
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Turning Back The Clock - Team Lists 15 years Ago - West Coast Eagles

The Eagles of today, and the players who were there in 1992.

A look at players who were in some small way similar to what the club has now, these are not direct player comparisons as there were plenty of players who were unique, one-of-kind stars. A fun test to see how many players were memorable from the past team, and how many have been forgotten about.

West Coast 2007 and 1992:

Steven Armstrong - Brett Heady
Small forward who can score the important goals.

Michael Braun - Don Pyke
Underrated onballer.

Mitchell Brown - Matt Clape
Aerial skills.

Sam Butler - Karl Langdon

Daniel Chick - Dean Laidley
Tough mid-sized defender.

Ben Cousins - Craig Turley
Likes surfing and football.

Dean Cox - Jason Ball
The big guy.

Andrew Embley - Daniel Metropolis
Versatile player for either end of the ground.

Chad Fletcher - Scott Watters
Secondary option in the middle.

Darren Glass - Ashley McIntosh
Dominating full back.

Jaymie Graham - Mitchell White
Plays in most games, but not the AFL Grand Final.

Ashley Hansen - David Hynes
Important tall who helps them win the big games.

Tim Houlihan - Brendan Krummel
Backup medium/big.

Adam Hunter - Chris Waterman
Can make an impact in several positions on the field.

Shannon Hurn - Troy Ugle
Backup midfielder.

Brett Jones - Michael Brennan
Solid, fundamental play.

Rowan Jones - David Hart
Honest effort and quiet leadership.

Chris Judd - Peter Matera

Daniel Kerr - Chris Lewis
Provides extra bite to the Eagles midfield.

Mark LeCras - Paul Peos
Backup forward.

Quinten Lynch - Peter Sumich

Eric MacKenzie - Glen Jakovich
Big defender.

Ben McKinley - Trent Nichols
Backup forward.

Mitch Morton - Andrew Lockyer
Utility player.

Mark Nicoski - Chris Mainwaring
Pace and foot skills.

Matthew Priddis - Adrian Barich
Ball-winning ability.

Matthew Rosa - Phil Scott
190cm utility player.

Ashley Sampi - Tony Evans
Productive small forward.

Will Schofield - Mark Hepburn
Reserve tall.

Mark Seaby - Dean Irving
Big backup ruckman.

Adam Selwood - John Worsfold
Plays with anger.

Matthew Spangher - Ryan Turnbull
Backup tall.

Brent Staker - Derek Hall
Athletic player with good marking ability.

Tyson Stenglein - Dwayne Lamb
Overlooked, but important, member of the team.

James Thomson - Paul Harding
Tall player.

Beau Waters - Peter Wilson

David Wirrpanda - Guy McKenna
Turns defending into attacking.

Josh Wooden - Dean Kemp
Small player.
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Turning Back The Clock - Team Lists 15 Years Ago - Sydney Swans

The Swans of today, and the players who were there in 1992.

A look at players who were in some small way similar to what the club has now, these are not direct player comparisons as there were plenty of players who were unique, one-of-kind stars. A fun test to see how many players were memorable from the past team, and how many have been forgotten about.

Sydney 2007 and 1992:

Luke Ablett - Daryn Cresswell
Connections with Geelong.

Leo Barry - Andrew Dunkley
Jumping, spoiling full back.

Paul Bevan - Andrew McGovern
Short midfielder.

Craig Bolton - David Strooper
Versatile defender.

Jude Bolton - Dennis Carroll
Important midfielder.

Ryan Brabazon - Paul Atkins
Reserve midfielder.

Amon Buchanan - Stephen Wright
Underrated small.

Jared Crouch - Neil Brunton
Hard-working midfielder.

Daniel Currie - Gavin Rose
Ruck project.

Nick Davis - Jason Love
Skilful small forward.

Sean Dempster - Troy Gray
Versatile mid-sized player.

Stephen Doyle - Gareth John
Backup ruckman.

Peter Everitt - Warren McKenzie
Traded to Sydney for a draft pick.

Peter Faulks - Stuart Wigney
Key position player.

Nic Fosdike - Barry Mitchell
Midfield worker.

Adam Goodes - Troy Luff
Goodesy and Luffy, versatile talls.

Heath Grundy - Darren Holmes
Backup defender.

Barry Hall - Jason Mooney
Big, tough forward.

Darren Jolly - Greg Stafford
Tall ruckman.

Tadhg Kennelly - Mark Bayes
Dash from the back and a long kick.

Brett Kirk - Paul Kelly
Midfield toughness and determination.

Matthew Laidlaw - Justin Clarkson
Backup midfielder.

Nick Malceski - David Murphy
Versatile player.

Ben Mathews - Robert Kerr
Solid defender.

Jarrad McVeigh - Ben Doolan
One lost a Grand Final, the other lost his teeth.

Jarred Moore - Gary Stevens
Short midfielder.

Daniel O'Keefe - Robert Neill
Useful player who can play in different positions.

Ryan O'Keefe - Leon Higgins
Smaller goal-kicker.

Michael O'Loughlin - Dale Lewis
Smaller in height but effective in a key forward position.

Simon Phillips - Jamie Lawson
Real little guy that the crowd cheers for.

Ted Richards - Neil Cordy
Back line player.

Lewis Roberts-Thomson - Simon Minton-Connell
The Hyphen Nation.

Tim Schmidt - Sanford Wheeler
Running midfielder.

Adam Schneider - Darren Kappler
Runs then kicks the ball long.

Jonathan Simpkin - Alan Thorpe
Small forward option.

Kristin Thornton - Terry Thripp

Luke Vogels - Craig Nettelbeck
Key position depth.

Jesse White - Brad Tunbridge
Big-bodied ruck option.
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Nigel Lappin's Bended Elbow

Brisbane's Nigel Lappin may be missing more games as he has another injury. He can't straighten his arm, and this could mean he misses the NAB Cup.

News from Brisbane newspaper The Courier-Mail:
Lappin injury setback

AFL Fantasy Impact:

Lappin was going to be one of the healthy veterans that the Lions were expecting to play a big part in their 2007 season. Along with Brown and Johnson, Lappin could have been a big contributor for the Lions and AFL fantasy teams. It was always going to be interesting to see the price of Nigel Lappin in AFL fantasy leagues, as he missed last season with injury. If his arm gets better and his fantasy price is not too high then play him when the Lions do. If Lappin is not ready to play, then consider some of their young players for a fantasy spot. Proud is the one who could have the biggest fantasy value as he is a first-year player, you can buy him cheap at the start of the season and his value will increase a lot.
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New Technology Sports Uniform

Sleeves that help hold onto the ball, AFL teams must be thinking about trying out this new technology. The NRL Brisbane Broncos have unveiled their new uniform, some of the features include an area on the sleeves that will help the player grip the ball and there is also a part of the shorts that will allow a player to dry their hands. This will also be useful, just as long as players dry their hands on their own shorts.

News from the Brisbane Broncos:
New Jersey Launched as WCC Squad Named
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AFL Trivia Tuesday: February 13 2007

Dean Laidley and Mark Thompson are two AFL coaches who are under pressure this season. The question for today is who was the coach of the Kangaroos before Laidley, and who was the coach of the Cats that was replaced by Thompson? Post your answer in the comments section below.
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Turning Back The Clock - Team Lists 15 Years Ago - St Kilda Saints

The Saints of today, and the players who were there in 1992.

A look at players who were in some small way similar to what the club has now, these are not direct player comparisons as there were plenty of players who were unique, one-of-kind stars. A fun test to see how many players were memorable from the past team, and how many have been forgotten about.

St Kilda 2007 and 1992:

Jarryd Allen - Sean Ralphsmith
Player who can fill a spot at either end.

David Armitage - Stephen Newport
Valuable small.

Steven Baker - Jayson Daniels
Not the most skills, but a lot of hustle.

Luke Ball - Nathan Burke
Tough, little midfielder

Shane Birss - Justin Peckett
Running back pocket player.

Jason Blake - Gordon Fode
Reserve big.

Barry Brooks - Lazar Vidovic
Inconsistent ruckman.

Matthew Clarke - Lawrence Bingham
Tall ruckman.

Raphael Clarke - Steven Clark
The Saints like the name Clark(e).

Xavier Clarke - Dale Kickett

Nick Dal Santo - Gilbert McAdam
Lots of possessions.

Matthew Ferguson - Jeff Hilton
Backup defender.

Aaron Fiora - Nicky Winmar
Pace on the wing.

Leigh Fisher - Dean Greig
Strong defender/wing.

Sam Fisher - Tim Pekin
Underrated defender with run.

Michael Gardiner - Peter Everitt
Controversial ruckman/forward.

Fraser Gehrig - Tony Lockett
100-goal kicker.

Sam Gilbert - Michael Ford
Same playing weight, Gilbert just has an extra 10cm in height.

Brendon Goddard - Russell Morris
Quality backman who gets plenty of kicks.

Jason Gram - Mick Dwyer
Good foot skills.

James Gwilt - Peter Francis
Taller midfield option.

Aaron Hamill - David Grant
Big leap.

Robert Harvey - Robert Harvey
He's been there a long time.

Lenny Hayes - Adrian Fletcher
Gets a lot of the ball.

Brad Howard - John Georgiou
Young prospect.

Max Hudghton - Danny Frawley
Tall backman.

Justin Koschitzke - Dean Rice
Superstar, but never healthy.

Matthew Maguire - Jamie Shanahan
Strong tall defender.

Andrew McQualter - Craig O'Brien
Small but effective.

Stephen Milne - Danny Craven
Miniature footballer.

Leigh Montagna - Brett Bowey
Smallish footballer.

Phillip Raymond - Darren Davies
Backup forward.

Nick Riewoldt - Stewart Loewe
Marks anything that is kicked to him.

Michael Rix - Darren Flanigan
Lesser-used ruck option.

Justin Sweeney - Damen Shaw
Depth on the list.

Andrew Thompson - Frank Coghlan
Midfield player who hustles.

Brett Voss - Craig Devonport
Two-team player.

Fergus Watts - Tim Allen
Forgotten full forward.
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Maguire And Didak Could Be There For Round 1

There was a chance that Collingwood’s Alan Didak and St Kilda’s Matt Maguire could miss a lot of the 2007 AFL season but recently it has all been good news as the players are now looking at an early comeback. Both players recently said that round 1 is a possibility for them to make their return to AFL action.

AFL stories from last week about Didak and Maguire:
Didak return imminent

Maguire making good progress

A story from The Herald-Sun about Collingwood’s family day on Sunday, with a small mention about Didak training there:
Collingwood to work on defence

Maguire’s recovery news from The Herald-Sun:
Matt Maguire eyes Round 1 return

AFL Fantasy Impact:

Didak was one of Collingwood’s best fantasy players last season. If he did that with a partial tear in his ligament then he should be even better this season with that fixed. Probably worth the risk of playing him in AFL fantasy whenever the Magpies first play him. Didak has the fantasy points that a midfielder produces but he is a forward so that can be very beneficial to a fantasy team. A healthy Didak will be a Top 75 player for fantasy points, if his price is affordable then he could be a steal at the start of the AFL fantasy season. Didak playing would limit the playing time and fantasy points of several Magpies, these could include Medhurst, Davis and possibly Pendlebury or Egan.

Maguire’s return could push a few players into different spots for the Saints. Koschitzke might have been considered to replace Maguire as a tall defender but with Maguire back it might make Koschitzke more of a ruckman/forward. Blake might have been another tall defensive option for the Saints but he is unlikely to play if Maguire is healthy. Sam Fisher might have been tried as a centre half back, but with Maguire there he will be in his better spot on a flank and he produces plenty of fantasy points there. Maguire can be a solid fantasy player, in fantasy value he is comparable to other tall backs like Harris, Chaplin and Michael. If Maguire’s injury has knocked his fantasy price down a bit then he should be considered for a fantasy team when he plays.
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Turning Back The Clock - Team Lists 15 Years Ago - Richmond Tigers

The Tigers of today, and the players who were there in 1992.

A look at players who were in some small way similar to what the club has now, these are not direct player comparisons as there were plenty of players who were unique, one-of-kind stars. A fun test to see how many players were memorable from the past team, and how many have been forgotten about.

Richmond 2007 and 1992:

Joel Bowden - Brian Leys
Versatile tall.

Patrick Bowden - Sean Bowden
We are family.

Nathan G. Brown - Nathan Bower

Travis Casserly - Robert Walker
Mid-sized player.

Andrew Collins - Jason Smith
Young player on the list.

Daniel Connors - Craig Lambert
Tenacious midfielder.

Mark Coughlan - Peter Schwab

Brett Deledio - Stuart Maxfield
Strength, run and big kicking.

Shane Edwards - Stuart Griffiths

Nathan Foley - Dale Weightman
Small midfielder.

Darren Gaspar - Scott Turner
A big full back.

Ray Hall - Mark Pitura
Versatile tall.

Brent Hartigan - Todd Breman

Cleve Hughes - Terry Keays
Backup forward.

Chris Hyde - Greg Hamilton
Utility player.

Daniel Jackson - Craig Smith
Versatile medium-sized player.

Kane Johnson - Matthew Knights
Midfield leader.

Kent Kingsley - Des Ryan
Forward option.

Trent Knobel - Ty Esler

Andrew Krakouer - Chris Naish
Forward pocket.

Luke McGuane - Matthew Francis
Backup big.

Danny Meyer - Luke Donald
Small forward,

Kelvin Moore - Stephen Ryan
Tall/medium project player.

Chris Newman - Tony Free
Underrated defender.

Jarrad Oakley-Nicholls - Paul Dimattina
Terry Wallace coached.

Adam Pattison - Steven O'Dwyer
Tall backup.

Carl Peterson - Bruce Lennon
Forward prospect.

Kayne Pettifer - Nick Daffy
Goals and possessions in the forward line.

Graham Polak - David Honeybun
Tall player for various roles.

Dean Polo - Mark McQueen
Solid defender/midfielder.

Andrew Raines - Wayne Campbell
Outside runner.

Matthew Richardson - Jeff Hogg
If he kicks a lot of goals, they win.

Jack Riewoldt - Stuart Edwards
Full forward option.

Jay Schulz - Stevan Jackson
Inconsistent tall forward.

Troy Simmonds - Brendon Gale
Mobile ruckman and goal kicker.

Richard Tambling - Anthony Banik
High draft pick.

Will Thursfield - Duncan Kellaway
Strength in the back line.

Greg Tivendale - Todd Menegola
Bigger midfield option.

Shane Tuck - Ashley Prescott
Taller onballer.

Matthew White - Tim Livingstone
Smaller utility player.
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Injuries To Robert Warnock And Mark Nicoski

The Eagles and Dockers could both finish in the Top 4, all their stars are ready to go but injuries have hit players on both teams. The Eagles would have expected big things from Mark Nicoski in 2007 but that will be put on hold as he has another injury to recover from. The Dockers don't need another ruckman with Sandilands there, but Robert Warnock was probably going to play a few games this season as his backup. Warnock injured his foot so his preparation for season 2007 will be affected.

Statement about Nicoski's injury: Nicoski injured in hit-out

News about Warnock: Warnock setback for Dockers

AFL Fantasy Impact:
Nicoski nearly made it into their Grand Final side and will probably force his way into the Eagles team when he recovers from his shoulder problem. Will probably be a good fantasy player at some time during the season, until he is back that will leave an open spot for someone like Priddis or Staker. Priddis won't cost a lot so if he is playing for the Eagles you might want to sign him.

Toe injuries can be serious for big guys so Warnock may not be ready for the opening round. Warnock would only have AFL fantasy value if Sandilands was out of the team. The Dockers will continue with Sandilands in the ruck and Longmuir will take over for him when Sandilands needs a rest.
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Turning Back The Clock - Team Lists 15 Years Ago - Melbourne Demons

The Demons of today, and the players who were there in 1992.

A look at players who were in some small way similar to what the club has now, these are not direct player comparisons as there were plenty of players who were unique, one-of-kind stars. A fun test to see how many players were memorable from the past team, and how many have been forgotten about.

Melbourne 2007 and 1992:

Clint Bartram - Darren Kowal
Very good small player.

Matthew Bate - Darren Cuthbertson
Solid secondary forward option.

Daniel Bell - Andrew Obst
Strong midfielder.

Clint Bizzell - Peter Rohde
Moved to Demons after time at another club.

Nathan D. Brown - Paul Hopgood
Short defender.

Cameron Bruce - Andy Lovell
Talented player who knows where the goals are.

Simon Buckley - Michael Pickering

Nathan Carroll - Sean Wight
The full back.

Aaron Davey - Sean Charles
The small forward.

Lynden Dunn - Garry Lyon
Big forward, both have a name starting with "Ly" too.

Ryan Ferguson - Andrew Lamprill
Tall/medium defender.

James Frawley - Andy Goodwin
Tallish defender.

Colin Garland - Grant Williams
Tall forward project.

Simon Godfrey - Darren Bennett
Long kick.

Brad Green - Glenn Lovett
Skilful onballer/forward.

Ben Holland - Brian Stynes
Someone's brother.

Mark Jamar - Greg Doyle
Backup big.

Chris Johnson - Chris Sullivan
They're called Chris.

Paul Johnson - Paul Bryce
Backup tall on their list.

Travis Johnstone - Stephen Tingay
Run on the wing.

Nathan Jones - Rod Keogh
Strength in the middle.

James McDonald - Greg Healy
Important onballer.

Brock McLean - Todd Viney
Midfield toughness, one with a headband and one without.

Brad Miller - David Schwarz
Strong-bodied key forward.

Brent Moloney - Brett Lovett
Tough midfielder.

David Neitz - David Neitz
Has certainly been there a long time.

Heath Neville - Haydn Robins
Smaller defender.

Michael Newton - Shane Burgmann
Tall prospect.

Ricky Petterd - Graeme Yeates
Footballer with solid skills.

Byron Pickett - Rod Grinter

Jared Rivers - Wayne Henwood
Tall back.

Russell Robertson - Allen Jakovich
A different type of forward.

Colin Sylvia - Kevin Dyson
Important part of midfield unit.

Daniel Ward - Matthew Febey
A lot of the ball.

Matthew Warnock - Simon Eishold
Forward option.

Isaac Weetra - Luke Beveridge
Small forward.

Paul Wheatley - John Howat

Matthew Whelan - Steven Febey
Run and disposals from the back.

Jeff White - Jim Stynes
Dominating ruckman, but different styles.

Adem Yze - Steven Stretch
Run on the wing or around half forward at the MCG.
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AFL NAB Cup Preseason Tipping Challenge

Here is a simple tipping game for the AFL preseason competition. It is similar to the NCAA tournament or the soccer World Cup tipping as you fill in all the results before the competition starts.

Just copy and paste the schedule below, and fill in who you think will be the winner for each game. Starting with the second round, you then pick between the two teams you had winning in the previous round. For example, in week two the winner for game 9 of the NAB Cup will be between the winners of game 5 and game 3. Then after going through all the games you select the winner of the NAB Cup. It is unlikely to be needed, but for a tiebreaker to see who wins the tipping the score for the NAB Grand Final can also be guessed. Just copy the list of games, select who you think will win all the games and then post it in the comment section for this post.

Make sure you have posted your selections before the games start on February 23. To determine a winner for the tipping challenge, points for picking each game winner will be given. 1 point for predicting the correct team in week 1 games, 2 points for week 2, 4 points for week 3 and 8 points for correctly predicting the NAB Cup winner.

Week 1

1. Port Adelaide v Adelaide

2. Kangaroos v Collingwood

3. Western Bulldogs v Sydney

4. Carlton v Essendon

5. St Kilda v Brisbane

6. Geelong v Richmond

7. Melbourne v Hawthorn

8. Fremantle v West Coast

Week 2

9. #5 v #3 (StK/Bri v WB/Syd)

10. #7 v #4 (Haw/Mel v Car/Ess)

11. #6 v #1 (Ric/Gee v Port/Ade)

12. #2 v #8 (Kan/Col v Fre/WCE)

Week 3

13. Winners of Matches 9 and 11

14. Winners of Matches 10 and 12

NAB Cup Grand Final

15. Winners of Matches 13 and 14

NAB Cup Grand Final score:
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Turning Back The Clock - Team Lists 15 Years Ago - Kangaroos

The Kangaroos of today, and the North Melbourne players who were there in 1992.

A look at players who were in some small way similar to what the club has now, these are not direct player comparisons as there were plenty of players who were unique, one-of-kind stars. A fun test to see how many players were memorable from the past team, and how many have been forgotten about.

Kangaroos 2007 and 1992:

Glenn Archer - Glenn Archer
A long, successful career.

Leigh Brown - Ian Fairley
Fairly good defenders.

Aaron Edwards - John Longmire
Plenty of goals.

Michael Firrito - Darren Steele
Multi-position player.

Joshua Gibson - Anthony Dwyer
Underrated skills.

Todd Goldstein - Alex Ischenko
Huge ruckman.

Shannon Grant - Joe Romero
Small player who can kick a few goals.

Kasey Green - Darren Crocker
Helpful to the coach as he plays wherever there is a need.

Blake Grima - Justin Staritski
Backup midfielder.

David Hale - Mark Roberts
Can play in both the ruck and the forward line.

Lachlan Hansen - Wayne Carey
Very important key position player.

Leigh Harding - John McCarthy
Underappreciated smaller forward.

Daniel Harris - Anthony Rock
Tough, little onballer.

Brent Harvey - Peter German
Goal-kicker and leader.

Jonathan Hay - Craig Sholl
Athlete, at least in their early days.

Corey Jones - Brett Allison
Provides a spark in the forward line with exciting play.

Ed Lower - Ben Buckley
Medium defender.

Daniel McConnell - Paul Spargo
Effective midfielder/forward.

Hamish McIntosh - Michael Gallagher
Lumbering height.

Scott McMahon - Dean McRae
Medium utility player.

Brad Moran - Jason Daniltchenko
Exciting on debut.

Drew Petrie - Corey McKernan
Ruck type who can cover a lot of ground and play a key position.

Daniel Pratt - Alastair Clarkson
Small worker in the middle.

Brady Rawlings - Liam Pickering

Matt Riggio - Donald McDonald
Big, strong defender.

Ben Ross - Shaun Smith
Excitement machine.

Eddie Sansbury - Leigh Tudor
Small forward.

Adam Simpson - Anthony Stevens
Same initials, similar game.

Jess Sinclair - Matthew Larkin
Underappreciated midfielder.

Jesse Smith - Ross Smith

Andrew Swallow - Adam McCarthy
Utility player.

Lindsay Thomas - Marty Christensen
Small with skills.

Nathan Thompson - Peter Mann
Big forward.

David Trotter - Richard Dennis
Reserve forward.

Callum Urch - Glenn Page
Small defender.

Gavin Urquhart - Stuart Anderson
Running defender.

Ben Warren - Mark Brayshaw
Versatile mid-sized player.

Shannon Watt - Mick Martyn
Full back.

Daniel Wells - Wayne Schwass
Midfield run.

Djaran Whyman - Carl Dilena
Under 180cm player.
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Essendon With A Big Win

The Bombers defeated the Indigenous All Stars in Darwin, 14 - 9 - 93 to 6 - 7 - 43. Courtney Johns had a big game as Lloyd was rested. Lucas was also effective in attack as Essendon had a big height advantage.

The Davey on each team was impressive. Alwyn Davey for Essendon was very quick, scored a late goal too, and he might be there for Essendon in round 1. Aaron Davey had a slight knock to his ankle but shook it off very quickly.

Essendon: 4 Lucas, 3 Johns, 2 Hird, Houli, Jetta, Monfries, Stanton, Davey
All Stars: 2 Krakouer, 2 McLeod, Davey, Motlop

Will have a fantasy AFL analysis later, as there were new players to see and other players were tried in new spots. McPhee was in the middle of the ground a bit during the game, that could happen a lot more this season with the inclusion of Michael. While Johns was very good, and Neagle also was good towards the end of the game, when Lloyd plays it won’t be helpful to Johns’ statistics. Krakouer got a lot of the ball in front of goals, and with better accuracy he would have had 4 goals, so keep him as a possibility for a fantasy forward. Hislop showed a bit of potential too, his kicking was solid and his size was useful for him too, could be an option for a midfield bench spot for AFL fantasy leagues.
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All-AFL Anagram Team

FB: No Overrating, Call Home I'm Calm, Can Kick Miles

HB: Air Level Six, Thank Bacon, Ace Crumber On

C: Ask Major Insane, Clock Mr Bean, Mr Congenial

HF: March On With Trades, One Wild Trick, Great Tribunal Joy

FF: The Goal Antenna, Fresh Rage Rig, Bar Fan Love Den,

Foll: Don't Be Star, Bounciness, Tried To Bleed

bench: Grand Bench Arrived, Miner Laid Charge, King Cobra Bistro, Stinky Leg Ken

emergency: Lobster Hits News-room, Mr Bank Loot, Car Dealer Hiring

This team of stars is made up of the anagrams of the following players, listed below in alphabetical order but arranged in the team in their correct positions:

Gary Ablett Junior
Jason Akermanis
Nathan Bock
Mark Bolton
Cameron Bruce
Ben Cousins
Brett Deledio
Nathan Eagleton
Xavier Ellis
Brendan Fevola
Charlie Gardiner
Michael Gardiner
Fraser Gehrig
Antoni Grover
Garrick Ibbotson
Kent Kingsley
Cameron Ling
Nick Malceski
Brock McLean
Malcolm Michael
Brad Ottens
Matthew Richardson
Nick Riewoldt
Lewis Roberts-Thomson
Richard Vandenberg
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AFL Anagrams: Y

Clinton Young: Only Counting
If you are only counting the players with a name that starts with Y, there are two.

Adem Yze: Dye Maze
A maze is like an anagram, confusing but fun.

That is the end of the AFL anagrams for now, with the exception of the All-AFL Anagram Team which will be posted soon.
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Turning Back The Clock - Team Lists 15 Years Ago - Hawthorn Hawks

The Hawks of today, and the players who were there in 1992.

A look at players who were in some small way similar to what the club has now, these are not direct player comparisons as there were plenty of players who were unique, one-of-kind stars. A fun test to see how many players were memorable from the past team, and how many have been forgotten about.

Hawthorn 2007 and 1992:

Max Bailey - Stephen Lawrence
Tall ruckman.

Chance Bateman - John Platten
Not just the hair.

Grant Birchall - Gary Ayres
Defender with many skills.

Tim Boyle - Domenic Berry
Tall guy on their list.

Campbell Brown - Dermott Brereton
The enforcer.

Robert Campbell - Greg Dear
Another big ruckman.

Tim Clarke - Glenn Nugent
Can run.

Shane Crawford - Shane Crawford
He's been there a while.

Trent Croad - Mark Graham
A tall option at either end.

Zac Dawson - Simon Crawshay

Ben Dixon - Paul Hudson
Secondary forward option.

Beau Dowler - Andrew Gowers
Tall with versatility, probably best as a forward.

Xavier Ellis - Darrin Pritchard
Dash through the middle.

Lance Franklin - Jason Dunstall
Hard to contain forward.

Stephen Gilham - Scott Maginness
Tallish defender.

Brent Guerra - Richard Taylor
Small guy.

Luke Hodge - Darren Jarman
Midfield dominance and can play down either end too.

Danny Jacobs - Chris Mew
Patrols the half back area.

Josh P. Kennedy - Alex McDonald

Rick Ladson - Ricky Nixon
Two Ricks.

Jordan Lewis - Anthony Condon
Can bring a bit more size to the midfield, or play in other spots too.

Matthew Little - Stuart Steele
Combined, they make Stuart Little.

Ben McGlynn - Scott Crow
Smallish midfielder.

Sam Mitchell - Ben Allan
The man in the middle.

Jarryd Morton - Phillip Murton
Similar last name.

Garry Moss - Chris Wittman
Underrated player.

Thomas Murphy - Dean Anderson
Underrated secondary forward option.

Beau Muston - Tony Hall
Talented half forward/midfield player.

Michael Osborne - Paul Cooper
Backup player.

Brent Renouf - Greg Madigan
Tall and versatile.

Jarryd Roughead - Chris Langford
Big, strong backman.

Brad Sewell - Greg Whittlesea
Good foot skills.

Joel Smith - Ray Jencke

Simon Taylor - Jason Taylor
Tall guy called Taylor.

Mitchell Thorp - Paul Dear
Big player with versatility.

Josh Thurgood - Austin McCrabb
Fan favourite in the back line.

Travis Tuck - Michael Johnston
Someone who knows Michael Tuck.

Richard Vandenberg - Andrew Collins
Small player with solid skills and leadership.

Mark Williams - James Morrissey
Small goal kicker with freakish skills.

Clinton Young - Matthew Young
Young player in the back line.
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AFL Auction Action: Hawthorn Hawks Heritage Round Game-Worn Jumper

A game-worn, unique jumper that was used by one of the game's best young talents, what a bargain. Not only was it from a special "throwback" round but it was also worn by a star who was in his first year of AFL football, Lance Franklin.

Hawthorn's Lance Franklin's MATCH WORN Guernsey

Not just something unique to have hanging on your wall, there has to be investment potential for this too. Although the best fun would be to wear it, and as Franklin is around 196cm tall then this jumper will be big enough for nearly anyone. It would also make a great present for someone, you could give it to a buddy. In the auction it says it comes with a Certificate Of Authenticity, so if this is the jumper that Lance Franklin played in then it could become a great collectable in the future. First year, or "rookie", items are often the hardest to find among sports collectables.

If you prefer the usual Hawthorn look, the same seller on ebay also has the 2006 version with Franklin's updated number too.
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The Crows Have Four Ruckmen For Two Spots

Last season the Crows had a very effective ruck combo of Biglands and Clarke, but neither of those players will play in 2007. Hudson and Maric were expected to be the two ruckmen that the Crows played in 2007 but Meesen and Griffin are also in the running.
Click on this link to read the story from The Advertiser newspaper: Who will stand tall for Adelaide

AFL Fantasy Impact:

A real bargain fantasy player could emerge from this contest. Meesen and Griffin haven't played AFL before so their fantasy price will be very low. Maric only played a few games in a backup role last season so he will also be affordable. Hudson's value could be anywhere, it might be low because he missed last season or it could be a bit too high if the fantasy league considers his past games. Hudson was actually quite expensive at the start of the AFL fantasy competitions last season. Hudson should be a good fantasy ruckman and is very likely to be their number 1 option. Meesen could also surprise as he is ready and the Crows need to see what they have with him, putting Meesen in a ruck spot on your bench might be a good idea. But watch their game against the Power for a better idea on who the Crows are going to play in the ruck.
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Deledio To Play Forward More

It's a simple strategy, if you have a midfielder who is being tagged you just send him deep into the forward line. Players like Deledio, who have above average height for a midfielder, then usually have a mismatch. If the other team then shifts a bigger defender onto him then he goes back into the middle where an advantage in pace is then gained.
Read this story from the Age newspaper to hear more about what Richmond might do in 2007: Tigers to grant Deledio free rein to shake taggers with a goalward shift

AFL Fantasy Impact:

This could be good for his stats, especially if he increases his goals totals and also contested marks, but there is obviously a possible negative side to it too. If he spends too much time up forward and the ball doesn't get to him then his fantasy stats will go missing. The ideal situation would be Deledio only going forward when he needs a rest from the middle, as you can't get statistics sitting on the bench. There may not be too much emphasis by Richmond to send Deledio forward when the season starts but it is something to watch as it could drastically change his AFL fantasy points. More time for Deledio up forward could also affect players like Tambling, Pettifer and Krakouer who would then have a shot at a bit more playing time in the middle of the action.
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You Can Watch Fitzroy Winning On Grand Final Day

Here is some footage of the Fitzroy Lions winning the reserves Grand Final in 1989. Darren Wheildon has several highlights. The last Saturday in September wasn't just a bad day for the Cats' senior side, their reserves also lost on the MCG that day. The Youtube site has several videos of Fitzroy winning the reserves in 1989.

Fitzroy 1989 Reserves Grand Final - Doc Wheildon

Youtube page of search results with 6 more videos of Fitzroy in 1989.
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Turning Back The Clock - Team Lists 15 Years Ago - Geelong Cats

The Cats of today, and the players who were there in 1992.

A look at players who were in some small way similar to what the club has now, these are not direct player comparisons as there were plenty of players who were unique, one-of-kind stars. A fun test to see how many players were memorable from the past team, and how many have been forgotten about.

Geelong 2007 and 1992:

Gary Ablett - Mark Bairstow
Midfield leader who also kicks goals.

Nathan Ablett - Gary Ablett Version 1
Forward with a lot of skill.

Jimmy Bartel - Sean Simpson
Gets the ball and has defensive skills too.

Mark Blake - David Mensch
Strong ruckman, not the best foot skills.

Shannon Byrnes - Russell Merriman
Small who can play forward or in the middle.

Tim Callan - Darren Forssman

Paul Chapman - Garry Hocking
Tough onballer.

Joel Corey - Peter Riccardi
Run and long kicking for goal.

Nathan Djerrkura - Gary Phillips
Small defender/midfielder.

Matt Egan - Tim Darcy
Underrated defender.

Corey Enright - Andrew Bews
Small player with strength and skill.

Ryan Gamble - Adrian Hickmott
Talented small forward.

Charlie Gardiner - Mark Neeld
Medium/tall who usually plays forward.

Tom Harley - Tim McGrath
Important defender.

Tom Hawkins - Billy Brownless
The big forward.

Simon Hogan - Tony Malakellis
Small runner.

Sam Hunt - Michael Schulze
Height in the back half.

Josh Hunt - Ken Hinkley
Defender who can launch the team into attack.

David Johnson - Steven Hocking
Tough defender.

Steve Johnson - Andrew Wills
Secondary forward option behind an Ablett.

James Kelly - Geoff Miles
Bigger midfielder.

Steven King - Damian Bourke
Huge ruckman.

Cameron Ling - Neville Bruns

Tom Lonergan - Paul Lynch

Andrew Mackie - Paul Brown
Tallish utility player who can fill several roles.

Darren Milburn - Michael Mansfield
Possessions in the defensive half.

Cameron Mooney - John Barnes
Mobile ruckman, and not your normal footballer.

Brad Ottens - Barry Stoneham
Big with a big game but injuries too.

Stephen Owen - Martin Heffernan
Forward prospect.

Henry Playfair - Steven Handley
Not the most skill on the team.

Brent Prismall - Andrew Rogers

Max Rooke - Trevor Poole
The double O last name, and a solid game on the field too.

Matthew Scarlett - Ben Graham
Full back.

Joel Selwood - Paul Couch
Midfield leader.

Matthew Spencer - Jamie Lamb
Taller defender.

Mathew Stokes - Robert Scott
Quick small forward.

Kane Tenace - Anthony Darcy
184cm utility player.

Travis Varcoe - Andrew MacNish
Small guy.

Trent West - Matthew Primus
Big guy who is behind a couple of other ruckmen at Geelong.

David Wojcinski - Spiro Malakellis
Small runner.
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AFL Anagrams: W Part 3

Djaran Whyman: Why Jan Ran Mad
Poor Jan.

Simon Wiggins: Win Go Missing
Success has disappeared from his club.

Cameron Wight: More Watching
If the Bulldogs are at full strength then he might not be picked every week and that might mean more watching of the games.

Beau Wilkes: Is Weak Blue
Not the best player in the blue and yellow.

Mark Williams: Warm Aim Skill
His good aim at kicking for goal is one of his best skills.

Tom Williams: Omit All Swim
Is usually only doing the light training, like swimming.

Ryan Willits: As In Will try
When the Power do include Willits in their team he will always try.

Michael Wilson: So Machine Will
A machine getting possessions in the defensive end for the Power.

Jason Winderlich: Jordan Lewis Chin
If that is the charge at the tribunal then he gets two or three weeks.

David Wirrpanda: Did Rip Van Award
Another award for him, but forgot to shake the hand of the person, or kid, who presented it.

David Wojcinski:
Too quick on the field and gets away from an anagram here too.

Cameron Wood: Rodeo Cowman
There may not be a place for a 202cm person in the rodeo.
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Turning Back The Clock - Team Lists 15 Years Ago - Dockers/Power and Fitzroy

The Dockers and Power of today, and the players who were with Fitzroy in 1992.

Something different had to be done to fit the Dockers and the Power on this list, as they were not around in 1992, so the current teams have had some of their best players selected and then compared to what the Fitzroy Lions had on their list 15 years ago.

A look at players who were in some small way similar to what the clubs have now, these are not direct player comparisons as there were plenty of players who were unique, one-of-kind stars. A fun test to see how many players were memorable from the past team, and how many have been forgotten about.

Fremantle and Port Adelaide of 2007 and Fitzroy of 1992:

Peter Bell - Jim Wynd
Small in size, big in effort.

Josh Carr - Ross Lyon
Strong midfielder.

Troy Cook - Shayne Stevenson
Plays forward or midfield.

Jeff Farmer - Matthew Armstrong
Small goal-kicker.

Paul Hasleby - Brad Boyd
Important part of midfield group.

Des Headland - Brendan McCormack

Michael Johnson - John Blakey
Defender who can play in the middle too.

Luke McPharlin - Paul Abbott
Big body at either end of the ground.

David Mundy - Peter Caven
Possessions accumulator around centre half back.

Shane Parker - Michael Gale
Dependable running medium defender.

Matthew Pavlich - Paul Roos

Brett Peake - Jason Baldwin

Aaron Sandilands - Peter Sartori

Dean Solomon - Brett Stephens
Versatile medium/tall.

Chris Tarrant - Darren Wheildon
Kicks plenty of goals, other similarities too.

Dean Brogan - Ashley Matthews
A tall.

Peter Burgoyne - Matthew Dundas
Gets the ball in the middle and can also play as a forward.

Shaun Burgoyne - Joe Cormack
Little goal-kicker.

Troy Chaplin - Stephen Paxman
Big defender.

Chad Cornes - Marcus Seecamp
Mobile defender who plays tall.

Kane Cornes - Jamie Elliott
Useful player that can get plenty of the ball when playing as a defender.

Brett Ebert - Richard Osborne
Forward who plays very big, when compared to his actual height.

Brendon Lade - Gavin Exell
Mobile ruckman.

Nathan Lonie - Jeremy Guard
Solid foot skills.

Josh Mahoney - Paul Broderick
Little worker.

Danyle Pearce - David Donato
Hard to catch.

Steven Salopek - David Johnston
Dependable small.

Warren Tredrea - Alastair Lynch
Power forward.

Darryl Wakelin - David O'Connell
Good tall defender.

Michael Wilson - Duane Rowe
Good small defender.
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Richmond's Mark Coughlan To Miss 2007

Coughlan won't be playing this season after more problems with his knee. This isn't confirmed but with Coughlan's long-term injury it could likely mean that Howat finds a spot on their senior list.

Read the statement from the Tigers about Coughlan's injury: Slip-up costs Coggo

AFL Fantasy Impact:

If Coughlan was healthy he would have been a very good fantasy player, one of Richmond's best midfielders along with Delidio and Tuck. But now other players will step up, and who gets a spot in the centre square might become apparent during the NAB Cup. Richard Tambling could be the answer and for AFL fantasy he could be a big improver in 2007. Johnson, Foley and Raines could also have better numbers if played more in the middle. Another player to watch is Daniel Connors. He will be an inexpensive first year player for AFL fantasy but if the Tigers play him his fantasy value will increase rapidly, and don't forget Howat if the Tigers elevate him.
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AFL Anagrams: W Part 2

Fergus Watts: Few Trust Gas
Thomas didn't trust Fergus enough to play him, maybe he gets a new chance with a new coach.

Luke Webster: Sweeter Bulk
Has the skills but needs a bit more strength.

Daniel Wells: Aliens Dwell
His powers are out of this world.

Andrew Welsh: Drawn Wheels
Strange anagram.

Scott Welsh: Stews Cloth
He would have been stewing if the Crows didn't give him a new contract.

Michael West: Whistle Came
When he hears a whistle he is in Werribee.

Scott West:
Misses out on an anagram, maybe by just one vote.

Trent West: Strew Tent
Will need to camp out in the VFL until King or Ottens go down with an injury.

Paul Wheatley: A Wheat Pulley
Will find more opportunities with a country league.

Matthew Whelan: Them Want Whale
They probably don't want him.

Damon White: With A Demon
On this alphabetical list Damon White is right there with a Demon, or actually three of them.

Jeff White:
No anagram for White.

Matthew White: Meet With What
He will meet any challenge.

Lance Whitnall: Clean Thin Wall
A defensive wall there with clean disposal, the Blues are a bit thin when it comes to key backmen.

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The Tigers Top Players In The NAB 15 Challenge

The Richmond Tigers NAB 15 Challenge seemed like an odd idea at the time, as logically the top 15 players for preseason training were going to be very short and key position players would struggle. It made sense that Gaspar was not going to beat many Richmond onballers in a long distance run. Here is a quick look at the top 25 players in contention for the 15 automatic selections for the Tigers versus Cats NAB Cup opening round game. You won't see Knobel on the list. Richmond fans should be very happy with Polak, he must have certainly trained hard after the trade from Fremantle.

The Richmond preseason player rankings, and their height in centimetres.

1. Nathan Foley 177
2. Brett Deledio 188
3. Cam Howat 182
4. Richard Tambling 179
5. Greg Tivendale 185
6. Shane Tuck 188
7. Kane Johnson 186
8. Andrew Krakouer 176
9. Kayne Pettifer 183
10. Matthew White 179
11. Kelvin Moore 190
12. Andrew Raines 184
13. Daniel Jackson 188
14. Joel Bowden 188
15. Graham Polak 194
16. Chris Newman 182
17. Patrick Bowden 191
18. Dean Polo 187
19. Brent Hartigan 178
20. Matthew Richardson 195
21. Darren Gaspar 192
22. Nathan Brown 177
23. Angus Graham 200
24. Luke McGuane 191
24. Adam Pattison 197
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AFL Trivia Tuesday: February 6 2007

For which team did Darren Bennett first play for in the AFL, before moving to the Melbourne Demons? Leave a comment below if you can remember where it started for Bennett.
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AFL Insider Power Rankings: February 6 2007

1: West Coast Eagles (1 in last AFL Power Rankings)
Nothing has changed in the last month to affect them on the field.

2: Western Bulldogs (4)
Everyone is ready to go, now they just have to figure out where players like Darcy and Murphy fit.

3: Sydney Swans (2)
LRT isn't their most important player, but the Swans would prefer he was there in round 1.

4: Fremantle Dockers (3)
Schammer won't be there to start the season.

5: Adelaide Crows (5)
Everything is going well for the Crows right now, but they have their fingers crossed that no more ruckmen get hurt.

6: Melbourne Demons (9)
Quietly going about their business, good news at this time of year.

7: St Kilda Saints (6)
Any time Riewoldt has an injury it is a problem, but it is a minor injury. R Clarke is also out for an extended time, Gardiner may miss games too.

8: Essendon Bombers (11)
Sheedy has a full list to choose from, now he just has to figure out who plays where. Their game in Darwin might feature players in new positions.

9: Richmond Tigers (7)
Training hard, and their Riewoldt is healthy, but a lot will depend on how quickly Simmonds returns from injury.

10: Geelong Cats (8)
Hawkins could be their most important player, but he might not be there in round 1.

11: Hawthorn Hawks (10)
Are down a ruckman with Bailey out for the year.

12: Collingwood Magpies (13)
Have had some injuries to players on their list but their core group is ready, except for Didak.

13: Port Adelaide Power (12)
Tredrea isn't ready to go, so the Power won't be operating at peak capacity.

14: Kangaroos (14)
Their draft picks are progressing well.

15: Brisbane Lions (15)
Hooper leaving isn't the best way to start the season..

16: Carlton Blues (16)
It wasn't their president who played, but his departure might give the club a fresh start. Trying Waite in the back line, probably a good idea.
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Turning Back The Clock - Team Lists 15 Years Ago - Essendon Bombers

The Bombers of today, and the players who were there in 1992.

A look at players who were in some small way similar to what the club has now, these are not direct player comparisons as there were plenty of players who were unique, one-of-a-kind stars. A fun test to see how many players were memorable from the past team, and how many have been forgotten about.

Essendon 2007 and 1992:

Mark Bolton - Paul Hills
Finds it difficult to get a regular game.

Kepler Bradley - Peter Cransberg

Scott Camporeale - Ricky Olarenshaw
Like looking in a mirror.

Richard Cole - David Grenvold
Medium backman.

Alwyn Davey - Darren Bewick
Small forward with special skills.

Courtenay Dempsey - Michael Symons

Ricky Dyson - Glenn Kilpatrick
Good midfield player.

Dustin Fletcher - Glenn Manton
Inspector Gadget arms.

Scott Gumbleton - Simon Madden
Skills for the ruck and as a key forward.

Chris Heffernan - Ed Considine
186cm player who can play in several spots.

David Hille - Paul Salmon
The big man.

James Hird - James Hird
Had played 4 games in 1992, a few more since then.

Tom Hislop - Joe Misiti
Bigger, stronger midfielder.

Bachar Houli - Peter Filandia
Very short.

Leroy Jetta - Michael Long
Quick outside midfielder.

Courtney Johns - Todd Ridley
Athletic key position from WA.

Jason Johnson - Greg Anderson
Dash through the middle, but combined with hardness at the ball.

Mark Johnson - Mark Thompson
A "Mark" of toughness in the back line for Essendon premiership sides.

Jason Laycock - Steven Alessio
A big body.

Andrew Lee - Ryan O'Connor
A big one.

Matthew Lloyd - Terry Daniher
Among the leaders at Essendon for goals in a career.

Sam Lonergan - David Calthorpe
Small but strong.

Andrew Lovett - Derek Kickett
Have "ett" to finish their names, and can also finish in front of goal.

Nathan Lovett-Murray - Kieran Sporn
Versatile, can play at either end.

Scott Lucas - Anthony Daniher
Big who can kick a goal or play back if needed.

Adam McPhee - Mark Harvey
It could be the hair, but it is the poise around half back.

Mark McVeigh - Gary O'Donnell
Small defender who finds the ball.

Malcolm Michael - Dean Wallis
Tough defender.

Angus Monfries - Alan Ezard
Smaller goal-kicker.

Jay Nash - Chris Daniher
Medium-sized player with versatility.

Jay Neagle - David Flood
Goal kicking ability.

Damien Peverill - Sean Denham
The midfield defensive player.

Kyle Reimers - Bradley Plain
Small forward.

Paddy Ryder - Peter Somerville
A shorter ruckman option, can also kick goals.

Henry Slattery - Mark Cullen
Small with ability.

Brent Stanton - Gavin wanganeen
Brownlow quality.

Jobe Watson - Willie Dick
Family connections at Essendon.

Andrew Welsh - Mark Mercuri
Versatile player.

Jason Winderlich - Damien Hardwick
A couple of "ick" players.
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NFL Teams Could Take A Punt On Many AFL Footballers

In the future Brendan Fevola could be an Oakland Raider, Anthony Rocca could be a Pittsburgh Steeler and Brendon Goddard could be a New Orleans Saint. Darren Bennett opened the door, Ben Graham eventually followed and Saverio Rocca is also getting a chance to play in the NFL. If NFL teams want to sign a punter then the AFL is the place to look.

Australian football has always been a sport where kicking the ball long was very important. A century ago Albert Thurgood was reportedly kicking the ball 75 yards. Dave McNamara was credited with a kick that went 97 yards.

NFL scouts should be visiting some former and current AFL players. Stuart Dew would be the main player to talk to. His game was all about getting the ball, taking a couple of steps and sending the football 60m. Dew retired early, compared to most AFL footballers, so he could have a long NFL punting career if he changed his mind and pursued it.

There are also some former AFL players who would have been very good at NFL punting, but they missed their chance. Ang Christou would have been a good option for the NFL. Richard Osborne was a former AFL player who did think about the NFL. He didn't make it though, either did Nathan Chapman although he did play a preseason game. Bill Brownless could have had a great career in the NFL. Kicking the ball over a wheat silo is a good indication of hang time.

Quinten Lynch is a current player who would be looked at by NFL scouts, and if he becomes a Green Bay Packer, Buffalo Bill or Seattle Seahawk he is already equipped with gloves for the cold, rain or snow. Fraser Gehrig would have been a good NFL player, as a middle linebacker or as a punter. That would probably be a rare combination. Scott Lucas has as big a left foot as Ben Graham does.

But assuming that Saverio Rocca makes it onto the Eagles' roster for next season, the next AFL player to go to the NFL could be Saverio's huge little brother. According to Sav, Anthony is also interested in going to the NFL. There are only 32 positions for punters in the NFL, already two are filled with long-kicking Australians with Big Sav another possible addition. It wouldn't surprise if in the near future there were ten Australian footballers in the AFL. It isn't a bad retirement plan for former AFL footballers.
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Michael Gardiner Injured Again

The Saints have ruck depth this season, and they will need it as former Eagle Michael Gardiner may not be ready to go when the AFL season starts.

Have a look at this story from The Age newspaper for the details about Gardiner: Injured Gardiner to miss NAB Cup

AFL Fantasy Impact

The Saints don't think Gardiner will miss any regular season games but if he does then the AFL fantasy value of several players will change. Koschitzke or Clarke should be the players who benefit. Clarke doesn't help a lot in fantasy statistics but Koschitzke could have a big start to the AFL season if he is the Saints' starting ruckman. Koschitzke would have a useful number of possessions and his marks totals could be very high. Koschitzke was a high-priced player in AFL fantasy a year ago but due to all his injuries he could be much cheaper this season.
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AFL Teams And Their NFL Equivalents

Adelaide Crows: Dallas Cowboys
Nobody is bigger in their town. They have the crowds, the cash and the publicity. But it has been a while now since both clubs won, the last Cowboys' SuperBowl triumph was in 1996 while the Crows have to go back nearly a decade for their back-to-back wins of 1997 and 1998.

Brisbane Lions: New England Patriots
The closest thing to a dynasty in recent seasons. It's not easy winning once, three times is a big achievement. The Lions had four AFL Grand Finals in a row, winning in 2001, 2002 and 2003. The Patriots, unlike the Lions, are still a contender and in the next couple of years they could add to their titles from 2002, 2004 and 2005.

Carlton Blues: San Francisco 49ers
When the 49ers had Montana and the Blues had Kernahan they were great, but right now they are both down the bottom and adding first overall draft picks. Alex Smith has a tough job leading the 49ers back to where they were and the duo of Murphy and Gibbs have an equally difficult task to take the Blues back to the top.

Collingwood Magpies: Oakland Raiders
Magpies fans might think they are loud, intimidating and an army, and they are right. But the fans who follow the Raiders might exceed them in those categories. A gold jacket doesn't match up with fans in facepaint, Darth Vader helmets and spiky costumes like the Legion Of Doom wrestlers used to wear.

Essendon Bombers: Pittsburgh Steelers
Bill Cowher recently retired after a huge run as coach, 15 years, although that is nothing compared to the longevity of Sheedy. But Sheedy might be happy to copy Cowher and retire after winning another title.

Fremantle Dockers: San Diego Chargers
The little team on the west coast who has a huge star. The new LT, LaDainian Tomlinson, leads the Chargers on the field while the Dockers have the great Pavlich, who has not been nicknamed MP. If the Dockers were a bit tougher they could have been compared to the Minnesota Vikings teams of the 1970s, the Purple People Eaters.

Geelong Cats: Buffalo Bills
Geelong had 1989, 1992, 1994 and 1995. Buffalo had 1991, 1992, 1993 and 1994. So that is a combined 0 and 8, for teams to get to the big game so often and never win is quite amazing. Gary Ablett was at Geelong, while the Bills were the home to OJ when he was playing, both might have been superstars on the field but better not mention anything else. Buffalo will always be overshadowed by New York City while Geelong also has to compete against the biggest city in their state.

Hawthorn Hawks: Washington Redskins
Both clubs had a good run during the 1980s and early 1990s, not a lot has gone right since. At least the Hawks got Dunstall back after he injured his knee, the Redskins were not as lucky with Joe Theismann when he injured his leg. Hawthorn's decade of dominance ended after their 1991 win while the Redskins have not been successful since defeating the Bills in 1992

Kangaroos: Detroit Lions
They have no chance of winning the trophy this season. But at least the Kangaroos do have a few trophies in their cabinet, the Detroit Lions have never even appeared in a SuperBowl.

Melbourne Demons: New York Jets
Maybe Kevin Arnold would have worn a Melbourne Demons jacket, maybe he wouldn't have. They may not have that in common but both clubs do have a similar history of success a long time ago, and nothing much since. But the 1960s were good for both clubs, with the Barrassi-led Demons and the Jets and their star Joe Namath.

Port Adelaide Power: Baltimore Ravens
A newer team in their leagues but also a winner. The Power in 2004 and the Ravens in 2001. That is a big accomplishment for the Power to win so soon after entering the AFL, and the Ravens also had a big turnaround to win a SuperBowl after moving from Cleveland.

Richmond Tigers: Cincinnati Bengals
Both teams like the stripes of a tiger. Richmond go as far as a healthy Richardson takes them while the Bengals need a healthy Carson Palmer to fire.

St Kilda Saints: Kansas City Chiefs
A lot of offense, but can't stop their opponent in the big games. But are still fun to watch during the regular season, when the Saints have Riewoldt dominating and the Chiefs have the unstoppable Larry Johnson. Both teams did win the trophy a long time ago, the Saints in 1966 and the Chiefs in 1970.

Sydney Swans: Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Laughing stock material for a lot of the past few decades, but both teams have turned it around in recent years and both the Swans and Buccaneers got to the top. The Swans won in 2005, the Buccaneers were successful in 2003.

West Coast Eagles: Philadelphia Eagles
Big games, controversy, star players, packed stadiums, they have a lot in common. The Eagles of the NFL got rid of TO, the Eagles of the AFL got rid of Michael Gardner. In Philadelphia they had a courthouse and jail for their fans, maybe West Coast could use that setup too, but not for their fans.

Western Bulldogs: Green Bay Packers
The small market team that can win. Chris Grant has not been able to do what Brett Favre did though, win it all. But Grant and Favre do have something else in common, loyalty to their club and extreme longevity. Their fans in the past have been unique too, for a while the Bulldogs had a bark when their team goaled while the Packers' fans enjoy their cheeseheads and also look forward to the 'Lambeau Leap' when their team scores a touchdown.

Next Time: The NBL Teams
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Turning Back The Clock - Team Lists 15 Years Ago - Collingwood Magpies

The Magpies of today, and the players who were there in 1992.

A look at players who were in some small way similar to what the club has now, these are not direct player comparisons as there were plenty of players who were unique, one-of-a-kind stars. A fun test to see how many players were memorable from the past team, and how many have been forgotten about.

Collingwood 2007 and 1992:

John Anthony - Glenn Sandford
Big guy yet to make his senior debut.

Nathan Brown - Shane Morwood
Tall star who can make an impact at either end.

Chris Bryan - James Manson
Versatile ruckman/forward.

Nathan Buckley - Mick McGuane

Scott Burns - Doug Barwick
Veteran onballer.

James Clement - Ron McKeown
Important backman.

Travis Cloke - Mark Richardson
Father/son connections, key position player.

Ryan Cook - Ian McMullin
Smallish forward.

Shannon Cox - Jason Croall
Tall/medium defender.

Benjamin Davies - Terry Hecker
Some unknown player.

Leon Davis - Brad Rowe
Small who knows where the goals are.

Chris Dawes - Craig Starcevich
Big, strong forward.

Brad Dick - Barry Rowlings
Knows where the goals are.

Alan Didak - Peter Daicos
Skilled around the goals.

Chris Egan - Troy Lehmann
Possibly underrated, but also possible trade bait.

Josh Fraser - Damien Monkhorst
202cm ruckman.

Tyson Goldsack - Brendan Tranter
At least they are on a list in the AFL.

Brodie Holland - Tony Shaw
Annoying to opponents.

Sam Iles - Shane Kerrison
Not flashy, but know their role.

Ben Johnson - Shane Watson
Takes the ball at half back and sends it to the forwards with a run and a kick.

Paul Licuria - Graham Wright
Hardness and a lot of the football.

Tarkyn Lockyer - Brad Hardie
Back pocket who has plenty of possessions.

Ryan Lonie - Scott Russell
Sends the ball from the back line up to the forwards.

Nick Maxwell - Gavin Crosisca
Plenty of possessions for a defender/wing.

Paul Medhurst - Tony Francis
Small who knows where the goals are located.

Shane O'Bree - Tony Woods
Does the hard work.

Harry O'Brien - Gary Pert
Reliable defender who started his career at Collingwood a bit later.

Scott Pendlebury - Jamie Turner
Versatile player.

Simon Prestigiacomo - Michael Christian
Strong-bodied tall defender.

Ben Reid - Jason McCartney
High draft pick prospect.

Guy Richards - Mick Gayfer
Not the most skilled, but still effective in their role.

Anthony Rocca - Saverio Rocca
A big Rocca.

Sean Rusling - Paul Sharkey
Medium/tall with a lot of potential.

Heath Shaw - Paul Williams
Speed all over the ground.

Rhyce Shaw - Mark Fraser
At least he can run fast.

Daniel Stanley - Jon Hassall
Not one of the first names picked for the team.

Dane Swan - Alan Richardson
Underrated worker who is an important part of their team.

Dale Thomas - Gavin Brown
Undersized, underrated but overachieves.

Alan Toovey - Darren Saunders

Shane Wakelin - Craig Kelly
Third tall defender.
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AFL Anagrams: W Part 1

Jarrad Waite: Air Jet Award
Has aerial skills.

Darryl Wakelin: Ready, Warn, Kill
That's the attitude needed to win a premiership.

Shane Wakelin: He Walk Insane
Again he finishes second to his brother.

Andrew Walker: Knew Real Draw
Played in the Carlton-Essendon draw.

James Walker: Mark As Jewel
Walker taking a contested mark is as a rare as a jewel.

Daniel Ward: Wild DNA Era
That's a good era, at least better than the Allen Jakovich era they had.

Matthew Warnock: Watchmaker Town
That's just south of Zurich.

Robert Warnock: Won't Back Error
If he improves his game he might see some time next year as a backup in the ruck.

Beau Waters: Water Abuse
He abuses those on the field who get in his way too.

Jobe Watson: No Sweat Job
He doesn't sweat anyone.

Shannon Watt:
What, no anagram?
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The Adelaide Crows Could Get Matthew Pavlich

Kevin Sheedy just needed to hear that Mal Michael was retired to know that Essendon were a chance at acquiring him. Now the Adelaide Crows may have heard the words from Pavlich that will give them the incentive to do everything they can to get him. “I've never said never, whether that's during my career or after my career”, is Pavlich’s response about going back to Adelaide.

You can read the Sunday Mail story here: Pavlich: I want to come home

The easiest way for the Crows to get Pavlich is to finish last in 2007, Pavlich is out of contract and the Crows use the first pick in the preseason draft to take him. But that is not going to happen. So what would it take for the Crows to trade for Pavlich?

The following, very improbable, scenarios depend on Pavlich not signing an extension during season 2007, and telling the Dockers that they trade him or else he goes in the preseason draft:

1) Adelaide send three first round picks, including two top ten picks, to the Dockers.
Pavlich is worth more than the top overall pick, but maybe three first round picks might get the Dockers interested. The Crows would have to acquire two high draft picks, but they do have Victorian talent they could use to trade with the Melbourne clubs for draft picks. The Dockers would not add a big salary with this trade, and that could help them sign their other stars too.

2) Adelaide trade their first and second round picks, Trent Hentschel and Nathan Van Berlo.
If the Crows can’t get extra picks then for a start they will have to offer the Dockers their first two draft picks. The Dockers may have an interest in Van Berlo who is from West Perth. The Dockers will want a forward if they trade Pavlich, Hentschel may come back from his injury and be a very good player. Perrie would be a healthier option and is another former WA player, but he is older than Hentschel and he doesn’t have the upside that Hentschel does.

3) Adelaide trade their first round pick, Richard Douglas, John Meesen and Luke Jericho. Douglas and Meesen were high draft picks, and would give the Dockers a young onballer and a backup for Sandilands. Jericho is a forward who has not found a spot with the Crows but he has solid skills.

It would be one of the biggest AFL trades of all time, and if the Dockers don’t get to the grand final this season and they don’t extend Pavlich before trade week then Crows' fans might see this as a possibility next October.
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Turning Back The Clock - Team Lists 15 years Ago - Carlton Blues

The Blues of today, and the players who were there in 1992.

A look at players who were in some small way similar to what the club has now, these are not direct player comparisons as there were plenty of players who were unique, one-of-a-kind stars. A fun test to see how many players were memorable from the past team, and how many have been forgotten about.

Carlton 2007 and 1992:

Cain Ackland - Jamie Dunlop

Joe Anderson - Ian Herman
Only three letters in their first name.

Mark Austin - Luke O'Sullivan
Both had injury problems.

Jordan Bannister - Mark Athorn
Defensive journeyman player.

Clinton Benjamin - David Glascott
Good run and versatility.

Adam Bentick - Chris Bond
Midfielder who can shut down an opponent.

Eddie Betts - Brent Heaver
Very small forward.

Luke Blackwell - Brett Ratten
Effective onballer.

Paul Bower - Ian Aitken
Hard-working defender.

Andrew Carrazzo - Matthew Hogg
Little hustle player.

Cameron Cloke - David Kernahan
Not the most famous member of their family.

Jake Edwards - Tim Rieniets
Can fill a spot forward or back if he gets the chance.

Brendan Fevola - Jon Dorotich
Controversial forward.

Bradley Fisher - Rohan Welsh
Can play the third forward spot, or down back, but numerous injuries.

Craig Flint - Darren Tarczon
Medium-sized player not close to senior side selection.

Bryce Gibbs - Craig Bradley
South Australian star.

Shaun Grigg - Mil Hanna
Versatile player who can star on a wing or score a goal up forward.

Shaun Hampson - Justin Madden

Adam Hartlett - Adrian Bassett
Tall defender who doesn't play very much.

Ryan Houlihan - Tommy Alvin
Run from the back line.

Josh Kennedy - Stephen Kernahan
Important centre half forward.

Anthony Koutoufides - Anthony Koutoufides
He was on the list 15 years ago.

Matthew Lappin - Mark Arceri

Dylan McLaren - Andrew Cavedon
Undersized ruckman or slow forward.

Marc Murphy - Adrian Gleeson
Little midfielder who keeps running and getting the ball.

Setanta O'hAilpin - Stephen Silvagni
Strong full back.

Anthony Raso - Simon Verbeek
Goal kicking prospect.

Jordan Russell - Brett Sholl
Not getting a regular game.

Jason Saddington - David Rhys-Jones
Former Sydney defender.

Heath Scotland - Greg Williams
Lots of possessions.

Kade Simpson - Ron De Iulio
Pace and enthusiasm.

Nick Stevens - Fraser Brown
Important midfielder.

David Teague - Peter Dean
Plays much bigger than their listed height.

Bret Thornton - Michael Sexton
Dependable tall defender.

Jarrad Waite - James Cook
Forward who hasn't found the right position among the tall options there.

Andrew Walker - Ang Christou
Run with dash from the back half.

Lance Whitnall - Earl Spalding
Strong-bodied key position player.

Simon Wiggins - Stephen Oliver
Forward who doesn't play a lot.
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AFL Anagrams: V

Nathan Van Berlo: Than A Nonverbal
His actions speak louder than his words.

Richard Vandenberg: Grand Bench Arrived
The anagram has spoken, don't expect to see him get a lot of playing time.

Travis Varcoe: Caviar Voters
He is playing at Geelong, who do seem to have a lot of politicians in their crowd.

Bernie Vince: Beer Inn Vice
Not as good as Miami Vice.

Luke Vogels: Evoke Gulls
Could be playing for Williamstown in the future.

Brett Voss: Robs TV Set
There have been a few bad apples at St Kilda, Voss isn't usually one of them.
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Sydney Defender LRT To Miss Opening Rounds

Lewis Roberts-Thomson is expected to miss the first month of the regular season due to a foot injury.

Click the link to read the story from The Age newspaper. Swans lose injured defender for start

AFL Fantasy Impact:

Lewis Roberts-Thomson wasn’t going to have a big impact in AFL fantasy leagues, he is a defensive player and does not accumulate a lot of statistics. But everything that happens in the AFL affects fantasy numbers and with Lewis Roberts-Thomson out it will mean a spot opens up in the Swans’ back half. They still have Barry, Bolton, Richards and Kennelly who can play on tall/medium forwards. But another player they might give a bigger role to is Sean Dempster. He could be a good player to add to AFL fantasy teams at the start of the AFL season, he is usually a back in AFL fantasy leagues but he can fill numerous spots on the field for Coach Roos. A taller option for the Swans could be Heath Grundy while Paul Bevan is a chance if they want a smaller player.
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Turning Back The Clock - Team Lists 15 years Ago - Brisbane Lions (Bears)

The Lions of today, and the Bears players who were there in 1992.

A look at players who were in some small way similar to what the club has now, these are not direct player comparisons as there were plenty of players who were unique, one-of-a-kind stars. A fun test to see how many players were memorable from the past team, and how many have been forgotten about.

Brisbane 2007 and 1992:

Jed Adcock - Brendon Retzlaff

Marcus Allan - Matthew Ahmat
Very short midfield prospect.

Simon Black - David Bain
A midfield leader.

Daniel Bradshaw - Scott McIvor
Versatile tall player.

Jared Brennan - Darryl White
Athlete without a real defined AFL position.

Jonathan Brown - Roger Merrett
Big forward that is not to be messed with.

Jamie Charman - Clark Keating
Big, physical ruckman.

Mitchell Clark - Richard Champion
Good tall.

Robert Copeland - Russell Jeffrey
Useful player that a coach can put into different spots.

Josh Drummond - Matthew Campbell
188cm players who can fill a number of roles.

Ben Fixter - Peter Worsfold
Useful defender.

Pat Garner - Ray Windsor
Key position player.

Richard Hadley - David Cameron
Versatile player.

Scott Harding - Adam Kerinaiua
Small who doesn't play.

James Hawksley - Nigel Palfryman
Running half back flanker.

Rhan Hooper - Matthew Ryan
Small runner.

Chris Johnson - Troy Clarke
Small player but very important.

Nigel Lappin - Mark Zanotti
Dash from the back.

Matthew Leuenberger - Matthew Clarke
Very tall ruckman.

Joel Macdonald - Ashley Green
Versatile medium-sized player.

Beau McDonald - Brent Green
Tall and long.

Ashley McGrath - Colin Alexander
Small who knows where the goals are.

Daniel Merrett - Matthew Kennedy
Big body that can contest forward or back.

Wayde Mills - Peter Curran
Tall with skills.

Matthew Moody - Shane Hamilton
Small/medium player who can kick goals and get the ball.

Tim Notting - Danny Noonan
Mid-sized player with ability.

Joel Patfull - Rudi Frigo
Solid but unspectacular tall forward.

Luke Power - Marcus Ashcroft
Midfield star.

Albert Proud - Michael McLean
Plenty of run from the back line through the midfield.

Michael Rischitelli - Craig Potter
Solid midfielder.

Jason Roe - Martin Leslie
Underappreciated backman.

Chris Schmidt - John Hutton
Small/medium forward option.

Christopher Scott - John Gastev
Defender who takes on big jobs.

Troy Selwood - Shaun Hart
Tough midfielder.

Sam Sheldon - Rod Owen
St Kilda connection.

Justin Sherman - Michael Voss
Strong midfielder.

Cheynee Stiller - Steven McLuckie
Very small but a fan favourite.

Matt Tyler - Simon Luhrs
Key position prospect.

Cameron Wood - Matt Rendell
Extremely large ruckman.

Adelaide 2007 and 1992
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AFL Anagrams: T

Richard Tambling: Hard Climb Rating
The Tigers' players are getting rated on everything they do for preseason, Tambling has been one of the best.

Chris Tarrant: Ran Rich Start
Should have a good start to the season with the Dockers.

Simon Taylor: Almost Irony
He was bound for the VFL, until Bailey got hurt, almost ironic but probably isn't.

David Teague: Give Due Data
Maybe the coach asked Teague what he thought, he gave the data that was due and the coach didn't like it.

Kane Tenace: Cane At Knee
Plenty of injuries to Geelong players, but they haven't had this problem.

Dale Thomas: Ashamed Lot
Those that questioned why Collingwood drafted Thomas so early are now ashamed at what they thought.

Matt Thomas: At Most Math
That anagram doesn't add up.

Andrew Thompson: Phantom Wonders
Not only does The Ghost Who Walks wonder how Thompson is still there at his age, but plenty of Saints fans do too.

Nathan Thompson: Than Non-stop Ham
Shouldn't use the term non-stop, Thompson will need a rest.

Scott Thompson: Top Costs Month
Will be one of the players leading the Crows into September.

Adam Thomson: Shoot Madman
Often the best strategy.

Ashley Thornton: Then Only A Short
Not really a tall, so then only play him on a short.

Bret Thornton: Not Rent Broth
He is one person at Carlton who has the money so he doesn't have to rent.

Kristin Thornton: Stink In North Rot
If he was on the Kangaroos list he might be getting a game.

Scott Thornton: Notch Ton Trots
He won't be kicking 100 goals.

Josh Thurgood: Do Rush Hot Jog
Always a hard worker during preseason.

Will Thursfield: Drills With Fuel
Could have a big year, he is fuelled-up and ready to go, may not be drilling too many goals though.

Toby Thurstans: Hot Nasty Burst
Don't get in the way of Toby.

Stephen Tiller: Tell The Sniper
Plenty of other Bulldogs are better kicks for goal than him.

Greg Tivendale: Even Glad Tiger
Is happy to be a Richmond Tiger.

Alan Toovey: Toe Any Oval
Plays on a lot of ovals, from Williamstown to Bendigo.

Jason Torney: Not Near Joys
Can't get to the AFL Grand Final.

Warren Tredrea: Net Rare Reward
Lead the Power to their only cup so far.

David Trotter: Avert DDT Riot
Could learn a thing or two from Jake "The Snake" Roberts.

Shane Tuck: Cheat Sunk
You can't break the rules and think you can get away with it when playing against Tuck.

Travis Tuck: Truck Vista
If he was a truck he is still in the parking lot.
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AFL Indigenous All Stars Squad

Backs: Antoni Grover, Rodger Hayden, Graham Johncock, Chris Johnson, Nathan Lovett-Murray, Andrew McLeod, Byron Pickett, Darryl White, David Wirrpanda

Midfielders: Chance Bateman, Peter Burgoyne, Shaun Burgoyne, Xavier Clarke, Troy Cook, Daniel Motlop, Danyle Pearce, Richard Tambling

Forwards: Eddie Betts, Aaron Davey, Chris Egan, Jeff Farmer, Lance Franklin, Des Headland, Andrew Krakouer, Andrew Lovett, Michael O’Loughlin, Matthew Stokes, Mark Williams

Ruckmen: Adam Goodes, Patrick Ryder

There is only a week to go until the All Stars play the Bombers in Darwin.
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AFL Auction Action: Carlton Blues 1989 Annual Report and Balance Sheet

Seems to be something topical in the AFL at the moment, and if you want to compare the current Carlton to a time of the past it is possible.


But you can go back a lot more than that, as the Carlton internet site has the Annual Report and Balance Sheet for 1906.

Owing to the dashing play of the team, and to the successful management, the membership has, as a natural corollary, increased greatly, numbering, all told, the satisfactory total of 2811, an increase of 316 from the previous season. The list is as follows: Members 2447, Ladies and Boys, 364. The membership is an easy record so far as the Club is concerned, the increase during the last five years being simply extraordinary, amounting to no less a number than 2339. “There’s nothing succeeds like success.

The finances of the Club are in a highly satisfactory condition, especially when it is taken into consideration that the Ground Committee received the large amount of £729, and the players were given a trip to Sydney, besides numerous social entertainments. There is a credit balance of £34 7s. 8d.

Annual Report and Balance Sheet for Season 1906

But there is plenty of other Carlton action in the auctions, and if you are a fan of Vin Catoggio then buy his football card.
VFL 1980 Carlton's Vin Catoggio TRADING CARD
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Turning Back The Clock - Team Lists 15 Years Ago - Adelaide Crows

The Crows of today, and the players who were there in 1992.

A look at players who were in some small way similar to what the club has now, these are not direct player comparisons as there were plenty of players who were unique, one-of-a-kind stars. A fun test to see how many players were memorable from the past team, and how many have been forgotten about.

Adelaide 2007 and 1992:

Nathan Bassett - Nigel Smart
Defender who gets a lot of the ball.

Rhett Biglands - David Pittman
Big, solid ruckman.

Nathan Bock - Anthony Ingerson
Capable backman but can also go forward if needed.

Matthew Bode - Matthew Liptak
Effective small forward.

Brett Burton - Tony Modra
They can jump.

Bryce Campbell - Darel Hart
Small onballer.

Michael Doughty - Andrew Jarman
Plenty of handballs.

Richard Douglas - Grantley Fielke
Small but useful.

Tyson Edwards - Eddie Hocking
A couple of little guys.

Nick Gill - John Klug
Prefer one syllable names, and can kick a goal.

Simon Goodwin - Chris McDermott
Huge numbers of disposals.

Jonathon Griffin - Paul Patterson
Some big prospects.

Trent Hentschel - Rod Jameson
Can play a big spot at either end, but sore knees.

John Hinge - Matthew Kelly
Unknown medium-sized player.

Benjamin Hudson - Shaun Rehn
Ruckman with knee injuries.

Luke Jericho - Michael Murphy
Talented medium forward who doesn't get into many games.

Graham Johncock - Scott Lee
Lots of possessions.

Chris Knights - Stephen Rowe
Solid small player.

David MacKay - Andrew Payze
Small midfielder.

Ivan Maric - Romano Negri
Big ruckman.

Kris Massie - Brenton Sanderson

Martin Mattner - Ben Hart
A lot of possessions for a player who can play in a defensive spot.

Ken McGregor - Jonathon Ross
Big key position player.

Andrew McLeod - Tony McGuinness
Prolific kick-winner.

John Meesen - Mark Mickan
Huge ruckman.

Ian Perrie - Peter McIntyre
Goal-kicking tall.

Darren Pfeiffer - David Marshall
Small forward.

Jason Porplyzia - David Brown
Talented smaller player.

Brent Reilly - Steven Schwerdt
Underrated onballer.

Mark Ricciuto - Wayne Weidemann
The crowd in Adelaide have a couple of fan favourites, the 'Roo' and the 'Weed'.

Ben Rutten - Rodney Maynard
Solid defender.

James Sellar - Paul Rouvray
Key position prospect.

Robert Shirley - Mark Bickley
Important midfielder.

Scott Stevens - Darren Smith
Key position size for either end.

Scott Thompson - Bruce Abernethy
Small who gets the ball and can kick a goal.

Kurt Tippett - Randall Bone
Big, huge, gigantic forward.

Jason Torney - Sean Tasker
Useful medium defender.

Nathan van Berlo - Bruce Lindner
Can play on the wing as well as other spots.

Bernie Vince - Simon Tregenza
Run through the middle.

Scott Welsh - Scott Hodges
Full forward.

Check back here for the next two weeks as a total of 15 teams are looked at.
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You Can Watch Moorcroft and Tarrant Marks

Little Bart Simpson took off and brought down the mark of the year, although the landing didn't do him a lot of good. You can relive Moorcroft's big fly against the Bulldogs on a highlight video of the AFL on the youtube site. Also included is Tarrant's huge pack mark over half the Melbourne side. A few goals and other highlights of various players are also on the video.

AFL Awesome Marks and Goals
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Nick Riewoldt Injured

More information will be known later about Nick Riewoldt's injury but right now it does not seem like he will miss any regular season games. But there are varying types of hamstring injury so it could be a couple of weeks rest or it might be longer until he is totally recovered.

Story from the official AFL site: Injury for Riewoldt.

AFL Fantasy Impact:
Probably no need to change your strategy with signing Riewoldt for your AFL fantasy team. He should be ready to go for round 1. But if he does miss the NAB Cup then it will be a chance to see other Saints forwards play. There is room for another fantasy player up forward with Riewoldt and Gehrig, and in the NAB Cup several players will get a chance. Maybe Hamill gets back to his previous form or a small like Milne cements his spot.
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Rhan Ran Away, Lions' Forward Quits

Speedy Rhan Hooper could have been a regular player for the Lions this season but he has decided to leave the club. He won't be delisted yet so there is a chance he returns to the Lions later in the 2007 season.

Story from The Herald-Sun: Young Lion walks

AFL Fantasy Impact:
The Lions have the big forward spots covered but there are several open positions for smalls to help out Brown and Bradshaw. With Hooper out of the mix it could mean someone like Schmidt gets more playing time, or maybe the Lions move one of their veterans like Chris Johnson or Nigel Lappin up forward. Johnson knows how to kick a goal and would have value as a fantasy forward, Lappin can also play at both ends although he would be more likely to get a lot more stats if played back. Something else to watch is to see if Brisbane do eventually remove Hooper from the list, they have Anthony Corrie on the rookie list and if he is healthy he could step right into their AFL team. Daniel Dzufer is another rookie player they may consider elevating.
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AFL Anagrams: S Part 3

Danny Stanley: Deny Any Slant
Useful in NFL, denying the slant pass route, not much need for that in AFL.

Brent Stanton: Tent Not Barns
Stanton will be setting up camp in the Bombers' elite player group, not something Barnes ever did there.

Tyson Stenglein: Only Gets Tennis
He gets football too.

Nick Stevens: Knives Scent
You don't have to be hard of smelling to know the knives are out at Carlton.

Scott Stevens: Contests Vest
He also contests for the ball.

Cheynee Stiller: The Rely Silence
A quiet and reliable player.

Mathew Stokes: What Most Seek
He can kick goals, that is what most teams seek.

Peter Street: Rest Tree Pet
The tree part fits.

Jacob Surjan: Or Cajuns Jab
Strong player for the Power, probably doesn't have a Cajun background.

Andrew Swallow: Wear Down Walls
The commentary from Walls is often not the best, it will wear you down.

Dane Swan: A New Sand
A lot better than the old sand.

Justin Sweeney: Just In Eye News
This news just in, Sweeney unlikely to get a game in 2007, but a chance for 2008.

Colin Sylvia: Is In Vocally
Good to have the players talking it up on the field.

Brad Symes: Messy Drab
A more exciting and important player than that suggests.
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AFL Trivia Tuesday: January 30 2007

What team did Shaun Smith first play for in the AFL? Also, an easier question to remember, what Melbourne teammate provided the shoulders for Smith to stand on as he took the "Mark of the Century"?
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AFL Anagrams: S Part 2

Ben Sharp: Brash Pen
Sometimes the pen is mightier than the sword but not on this occasion.

Earl Shaw: Real Wash
Gets a bath whenever he plays.

Heath Shaw: He Wash Hat
Could be wearing the captain's hat in the future there.

Rhyce Shaw: Why Search
Why should Collingwood search for players to draft when the father/son rule can provide them.

Justin Sherman: Smash in Jet Run
A player for Brisbane who will put his body in.

Robert Shirley: Steer Horribly
Not the best kick for goal, but can usually steer it through the goalposts.

Troy Simmonds: So Stormy Mind
Still feeling the effects of the Long hit, probably not.

Jonathan Simpkin: Join Kinsman Path
The path to the starting 22 for Sydney is very crowded.

Adam Simpson: Maps Domains
He knows where to go on the football field.

Kade Simpson: A Demon Skips
Future could be better if he skips out on the Blues and joins Melbourne.

Jess Sinclair: Slices In Jars
Doesn't quite slice in and get the ball like Jarman did, but Sinclair is very good at it.

Wayde Skipper: Dipper Was Key
Robert Dipierdomenico would have been great for anagrams.

Henry Slattery: Then Try Relays
If football doesn't work out then there is always track and field to try.

Jesse Smith: His Jet Mess
Former Cannon isn't a fan of the Jets.

Joel Smith: Jostle Him
Not the strongest player out there, jostle him and you will win the ball.

Dean Solomon: Monsoon Deal
It was a stormy time during trade week for Solomon until the deal was done with Fremantle.

Matthew Spangher: Then Gather Swamp
An odd anagram.

Matthew Spencer: Manchester Wept
The soccer fans there would be crying if they had Spencer in their team.

Brent Staker: Ranks Better
His statistical ranking is much higher than you would expect.
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AFL Anagrams: S Part 1

Jason Saddington: Don't Jog As In Sand
He can't help it, injuries have taken away much of his great athleticism.

Steven Salopek: Tasks Envelope
The biggest tasks in the midfield are handed to Salopek.

Ashley Sampi: Lay Emphasis
The Eagles told Sampi he had to have an emphasis on training to get back into the team.

Aaron Sandilands: And A Sonar Island
He is as big as an island.

Eddie Sansbury: Aided by Nurses
Might have had a few injuries in his career.

Matthew Scarlett: What Term Cats Let
What term do the Cats let the game get away from them, usually the second.

Byron Schammer: Scorn By Hammer
Has taken a few hits to his career recently.

Adam Schneider: Hidden Cameras
He doesn't need a good anagram, he has the same last name as John Schneider.

Jay Schulz:
Schulz misses out on an anagram, not the worst thing he's done.

Heath Scotland: Close That Hand
He does run around the field, without an opponent, waving his hands to get the attention of his teammate who has the ball.

Christopher Scott: Restrict Chop Shot
Is an enforcer in the back line for Brisbane, and does restrict the opposition from doing things like that.

Mark Seaby: Say Embark
Sits on the bench for 20 minutes, waits for Worsfold to tell him to embark onto the ground.

Adam Selwood: Was Mood Lead
No reason for him to be in a bad mood.

Troy Selwood: To Lose Rowdy
There might be a bit of losing to come with the rebuilding Lions.

Brad Sewell: Bear Dwells
Not the worst thing to have, the ferocity of a bear dwelling inside a footballer, but better not hibernate during winter.
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Crows Might Play McLeod And Bock In The Forward Line

Nathan Bock has been played as a forward before, and of course McLeod can kick a bag of goals especially if it is a grand final, but both players could become permanent forwards in 2007.

Story from The Herald-Sun, Crows' forward thinking on McLeod.

AFL Fantasy Impact:
The round 22 game of 2006 for the Crows might be an example of the Crows' forward line for 2007. Welsh, Perrie and Bock were the tall options and all kicked goals. If the Crows don't need Bock in the back half then his fantasy numbers could be better as a forward. But the Crows could be a bit small down back without Bock, and there are other forward options for the Crows like McGregor and Gill, so the NAB Cup might give an idea of where Bock will be played. Hentschel kicked around 40 goals last season, Bock should be able to do that if he is a forward in 2007.

McLeod could see a decline in fantasy statistics if he is played in the forward line. He might score a few more goals but his possessions will be a bit lower. But playing him in the forward line might be an idea the Crows have to keep McLeod healthier throughout the year, so that could mean he plays all 22 games which is what AFL fantasy coaches want. McLeod's fantasy numbers in 2007 could be similar to what Scott Thompson had last year. So still consider signing McLeod but he might have to be at a lower price than last season for you to get value.
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AFL Anagrams: R

Andrew Raines: Insane Reward
The Tigers did get a big reward from adding him to their team.

Brady Rawlings: Brawling Yards
The Kangaroos need to fight for every goal.

Farren Ray: A Ferry Ran
The word ferry is also found in Ryan Griffen, so the Bulldogs must be going places.

Brent Reilly: Try Rein Bell
Can't stop Bell.

Joel Reynolds: Dolls Enjoyer
At least he has a hobby.

Mark Ricciuto: Arm Circuit OK
He could be a robot, he can't be stopped.

Guy Richards: Hard Icy Rugs
If he doesn't beat Chris Bryan for the backup spot then he will be sitting on a hard bench, with the icy wind at Williamstown.

Ted Richards: Directs Hard
Kicks the ball hard and direct, sometimes.

Matthew Richardson: March On With Trades
Maybe he wants a chance to win with a trade to a new team, or the Tigers need to trade some of their youth to get a couple of veterans who can help Richardson in September.

Nick Riewoldt: One Wild Trick
If his one trick is to mark everything that comes his way then that is a good thing.

Michael Rischitelli: Reaches Chilli Limit
Rischitelli's games are often played in the heat in Brisbane.

Jared Rivers:
No anagram for Rivers.

Michael Rix: Rich Ale Mix
Rix is in the mix for the ruck there, but not anywhere near the first choice.

Matthew Robbins: That Bomber Wins
He must be on the wrong team, and Essendon could use a small forward like him.

Lewis Roberts-Thomson: Lobster Hits Newsroom
Lobster Hits Newsroom, details later in news.

Russell Robertson: Born Loser Results
If you don't put the right opponent on Robertson then the result won't be good.

Anthony Rocca: Not Coach Yarn
Has to have heard everything that Mick has to say.

David Rodan: Add Ran Void
The Power thought they had a void for runners up forward so they added Rodan.

Jason Roe: So One Jar
So, one poor anagram.

Jarad Rooke: A Joked Roar
The Geelong fans are not really cheering for him.

Matthew Rosa: The War Atoms
The Eagles are a tough team.

Jarryd Roughead: Harry Judo Grade
Fights at a Harry Madden level, that can't be good.

Sean Rusling: Unreal Signs
He is a good prospect and the signs so far are very promising.

Jordan Russell: Landless Juror
Probably not landless after signing a big new contract, but the jury is still out as they decide if he can actually play the game.

Ben Rutten: Burnt Teen
If a young player is put on Rutten then they don't stand a chance.

Patrick Ryder: Trick Per Yard
Needs a few tricks and could be a dominating forward for Essendon.
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Saverio Rocca Signs Contract With the Philadelphia Eagles of the NFL


Thursday, January 25, 2007
Arizona Cardinals Named Todd Haley offensive coordinator.
Philadelphia Eagles Signed P Saverio Rocca.
St. Louis Rams Announced the contract of Bob Ligashesky, special teams coach, will not be renewed.

NFL.COM Transactions Page.

It is the biggest NFL transaction of the day, Rocca has joined the Eagles. Training camp is around May and June and he will have to prove himself in the camp, and possibly a preseason game too, to stay with the team. But the Eagles' current punter doesn't have the biggest foot so Rocca is a big chance.

Rocca won't have a problem with kicking long, and he should be good at producing hang-time as well. But to stay with the team he will have to kick the ball consistently, as one bad punt can change a game. Another thing Rocca might want to learn is how to hold the ball for the field goal kicker, this is a task that is often assigned to the punter or a backup quarterback, Ben Graham does this with the Jets so it isn't too hard. If he watched Ace Ventura: Pet Detective then he knows the important part of that, laces out.

Click on the link to read a story about Rocca signing with the Eagles, from the Philadelphia Inquirer.
Aussie to vie with Johnson for Birds' punter

Here is a Rocca story from a few days ago from the Philadelphia Daily News.
Eagles invite Aussie mate to give punting a try

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Who Is The Most Famous AFL Footballer In The World

The most famous footballer in AFL/VFL history in the entire world is not a player who won a lot or had a long career. He hasn't been seen on a sporting field for a long time, but people everywhere remember the name. It has to be Mark “Jacko” Jackson. Batteries and a TV show made him a star. He also had a successful singing career, and is the only person to ever make people listen to being told they need to change the batteries in their smoke detector.

Jacko profiles on IMDB and Wikipedia.

The Highwayman show on Wikipedia and

An early Jacko battery commercial video on Google Video.

If you can think of someone who played AFL/VFL who might be more famous around the entire world than Jacko then leave a comment. Bennett and Graham are known worldwide, but they are both punters which is not the most exciting or important position in the NFL. Simon O'Donnell might be also considered, he didn't play a lot with the Saints but cricket fans all over the world will remember some of his hitting.

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The 5 Year Plan: The Coaches

A few current coaches won't make it to the end of the 2007 AFL season. So in 5 years time it is anyone's guess as to who will be a coach in the AFL.

Adelaide Crows: Shaun Rehn
A lot will happen in 5 years, the Crows need to win now for Craig to stay around for a long time. Rehn could be someone they would like as their future coach.

Brisbane Lions: Jason Dunstall
The Brisbane club have gone with Hawthorn premiership players before, it would make sense for them to go after Dunstall who also has connections to Queensland.

Carlton Blues: Chris Bond
Pagan won't be there and already there is a long list of possible replacements. Bond has a lot of experience as an assistant and he also knows about being at Carlton. Importantly would also be a fresh change who wouldn't have been involved in the current problems they have there at present.

Collingwood Magpies: Mark Williams
A former premiership-winning coach with the Power, but also a former captain of the Magpies. The big team needs a big-name coach and they won't be going with some untried assistant. Buckley and Crosisca could be other options.

Essendon Bombers: Kevin Sheedy
Thirty years might be enough for Sheedy and the Bombers. If he gets into the finals this season then he should get a contract extension.

Fremantle Dockers: Don Pyke
Might be a good pick if the Dockers look to change in the next few years. Harvey is another possible choice.

Geelong Cats: Malcolm Blight
He would be the perfect coach for Hawkins. Whoever it is the position will certainly not be Thompson's for much longer. Blight might have one more coaching role left in him, and he could go back to where it all started.

Hawthorn Hawks: Leigh Matthews
He may be able to make Brisbane a much better team over the next few years but it will be difficult to get them back to a Grand Final. He might step down from that job and finish his coaching career with the Hawks.

Kangaroos: John Longmire
Has coaching success alongside Roos with the Swans and is also a former Kangaroo star.

Melbourne Demons: Robert Flower
The Demons are going to need a new coach in the future. There is no football identity out there that would be as appreciated by Demons supporters than Flower. He might not have the coaching experience but he has everything else.

Port Adelaide Power: Matthew Primus
The Power have had some big names of South Australian football as their coaches, Primus isn't a big name but has been a big part of the Power during their time in the AFL.

Richmond Tigers: Darren Crocker
Wallace won't be there when his contract expires unless he gets them to a Top 4 spot.

St Kilda Saints: Ross Lyon
He is contracted for the next five years, he has a lot of talent so unless something goes horribly wrong he should still be there. But it must be remembered that the Saints have not got a good history for coaching success and longevity.

Sydney Swans: Paul Roos
While one Grand Final win didn't make him "coach for life", he isn't that far off.

West Coast Eagles: John Worsfold
The Eagles are not going to lose many stars in the next five years. Unless Worsfold wants a break or the players want a change there isn't any reason why he won't be there.

Western Bulldogs: Rodney Eade
They are not going to find a better qualified coach around and Eade should have the Bulldogs around the Top 4 for the next few years anyway. If he can get them to a Grand Final then he will definitely last to 2011 if he wants to, if he leads them to a win in the big one then Eade could be there a long time.
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AFL Auction Action: Danny Southern Coca Cola AFL Card

This is interesting as there are times when clubs find it difficult to find a player to represent their team, to be the face of the club. Southern may not have been the player with the most skill at the Bulldogs then or with leadership qualities or the size to play a key position but he did have a public profile.

Other teams in the Coca Cola Classics set also had some interesting selections for the player on their card. Fitzroy still had a team then, and Doug Hawkins was the pick for them. Fremantle were very new to the AFL, their biggest player got the card as Matthew Burton was used.

Danny Southern - 1995 Coca-Cola - Western Bulldogs

If you want the whole set of 16 cards, which also includes Buckley, Hird, Ablett, Roos and even Tony Free, then search the site as there are a couple for sale.
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AFL Anagrams: P

Shane Parker: He Earns Park
Whatever he gets he has earned it with his commitment to the Dockers.

Martin Pask: Mr Pakistan
Not as impressive as Lou Ferrigno and his Mr Universe title.

Joel Patfull: Full Ape Jolt
Something has to be done at Brisbane to change things, but that doesn't sound too good.

Adam Pattison: Adopt Stamina
Needs to develop stamina if he wants to play in the ruck under Wallace.

Matthew Pavlich: Have Palm Twitch
He must have stronger muscles in his hands than most as he can mark anything.

Brett Peake: Better Peak
Peake is approaching his peak as a footballer.

Danyle Pearce: Relay End Pace
Has the speed to be the final runner in a relay.

Scott Pendlebury: But Scored Plenty
If he is played forward he might not have as many possessions but he could score plenty of goals.

Ian Perrie: Rare In Pie
But rarer to see Perrie attacking at ground level to win the contested ball.

Drew Petrie: Deep Writer
A better attribute than one who writes anagrams.

Kayne Pettifer: Pity Taken Free
Kayne can pity the fool who gives him a free kick.

Michael Pettigrew: We Might Replicate
They might replicate their 2004 season, but it is unlikely to occur for the next few years.

Damien Peverill: Lived Mean Peril
His career is in peril if he doesn't have a good year, he said it himself.

Darren Pfeiffer: If Fan Preferred
If the fans preferred that Pfeiffer played then maybe he would, but they don't prefer him over other Crows.

Simon Phillips: No Impish Spill
He might be one of the littlest guys in the league but he won't spill the mark.

Byron Pickett: No Petty Brick
You can spell brick or rock with his name, that makes sense.

Henry Playfair: Any Hyper Flair
he plays the game with very little flair.

Graham Polak: Ham Rag Polka
A popular dance in the rural regions of Liechtenstein.

Dean Polo: Open Load
Polo opened his AFL career with a load of possessions in his first game.

Jason Porplyzia: Lazy Pro Join Spa
The Crows might have had a couple of lazy players but they have been replaced by hard workers like Porplyzia.

Luke Power: Eel Work Up
Can plan a fishing trip for September this year.

Sam Power: More Swap
If the Bulldogs did a few more trades in 2006 then Power might have been a player they moved.

Daniel Pratt: Rattled Pain
What his opponent will feel.

Simon Prestigiacomo: Pies Atomic Moorings
He moors the defensive unit of the Pies.

Matthew Priddis: Adds With Permit
The Eagles were permitted to add Priddis to their list.

Brent Prismall: Mr Lab Splinter
They experimented with him for a few games but he mainly sat on the bench.
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The 16 Least Physically Intimidating Players In The AFL

Some of these players are stars, some of them are not, but they all have in common the lack of a physical presence on the field. Some are just naturally small, others are too placid, some need to train hard and eat their vitamins, but none of them will be worrying people in a darkened alley or on the AFL playing field.

Matthew Bode
Just a little guy running around the forward line for the Crows, but he does throw his body in even if there isn't much to throw. But mess with him and you might have to deal with Ricciuto, so Bode's opponents don't mess with him.

Richard Hadley
You don't have to call this Richard Hadley a sir.

Matthew Lappin
You have to be really weak and scrawny to be the least physically intimidating player at Carlton, but Lappin is the winner. Houlihan would have been a distant second to Lappin.

Rhyce Shaw
In the past if a Shaw was playing for Collingwood you were in trouble, Rhyce didn't follow in the family tradition.

Kepler Bradley
At least Dustin Fletcher has sharp, pointy elbows and hard fists and runs into people. Bradley might be equally long and thin but he does not play the Essendon way yet.

Justin Longmuir
If Peter Bell's attitude was put into Longmuir he would be great, but until then he isn't going to be good enough.

Steven King
He might have been a bit overwhelmed as a sixteen year old in the AFL but he never grew in the intimidation department. Sure he might have hurt Jeff White, but that was when he was trying to hit the ball with his foot, so that wasn't physical play it was just stupid. The runner-up for this position at Geelong might have been Ottens, not a good sign when a team's two biggest players are acting like little cats instead of big lions.

Joel Smith
Has spent most of his career brushing his hair out of his eyes, a bit of a change from Dipper and Dermott playing for the Hawks.

Jonathan Hay
There was a time when he was one of the biggest, quickest and strongest full backs in the game. Now he has to change his ways and get back to that level or he will be the least intimidating player on the Kangaroos.

Travis Johnstone
Floats around getting plenty of kicks but doesn't appear when the going gets tough. The Demons have become a tough team, despite having players called Clint, Bruce, Brad and even Sylvia, but Johnstone is a weak link. Johnstone is the anti-Pickett on the field for the Demons.

Port Adelaide:
Fabian Deluca
It isn't fair to name Nathan Krakouer here, he will get bigger and nobody is going to catch him anyway. But Fabian Deluca seems to be just like his brother, a 200cm player who thinks he is 160cm.

Nathan Foley
If he was nicknamed Mick Foley instead of Axel Foley it might be different. But maybe Kingsley will become the player here instead.

St Kilda:
Justin Koschitzke
He should not be on this list, especially as he has Milne as a teammate. But he is brittle, and even when you give him another chance an umpire in the reserves of the VFL knocks him over.

Simon Phillips
Nobody is going to call the little Phillips weak, as Barry Hall is playing near him in the forward line for Sydney.

West Coast:
Chad Fletcher
It takes a bit of looking to find weakness at the Eagles, that is something that Worsfold would have eliminated. But Fletcher isn't going to scare anyone on the field.

Western Bulldogs:
Nathan Eagleton
Most of their little guys are tough and their bigs don't back down either so it was difficult finding a player that was lacking a bit. Both Darcy and Eagleton have had their injuries and often come off worse in a physical clash. At least Darcy has a bit of bulk behind him, so Eagleton might be the choice here.

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You Can Watch Nick Davis With Collingwood and Dermott Brereton With Sydney

On the Youtube site, there is a small video of Nick Davis kicking a goal for Collingwood. There is also a much longer video of the hits and more hits of Brereton's career. The infamous footage of him playing for the Sydney reserves in a preseason game, numerous shepherds that sent opponents to the ground or hospital when Dermott was a Hawk and there are also some highlights of him in the Collingwood colours.

Nick Davis Mark and Long, Long Goal.

Dermott Doing What He Did.
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AFL Anagrams: O

Shane O'Bree: Been A Horse
Has been the old workhorse in the middle for Collingwood.

Harry O'Brien: In Bore Harry
Provides some dash and hustle to the Collingwood back line.

Ryan O'Keefe: Fear One Key
Opponents only fear one Sydney key position player, Hall, which gives O'Keefe plenty of freedom around the forward line.

Michael O'Loughlin: Cough In A Molehill
No wonder he was having problems in front of goal.

Aisake O'hAilpin: Oh, Like Asia Pain
Not sure what that means.

Setanta O'hAilpin: Alienation Paths
The Blues are giving out contract extensions to a lot of their players, many who don't deserve them, but they could be on the path to alienating Setanta if they don't give their big prospect the money and respect he deserves.

Jarrad Oakley-Nicholls: All Leak Richardson Joy
Johnson leaked the bad news for Roach and others, but at least they have good Richo news now.

Brad Ottens: Don't Be Star
No problem there. But he won't have to be and can become the second option next to Hawkins.

Stephen Owen: Open The News
Open up the newspaper and look for Owen, can't find anything about him.
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Saints’ Raphael Clarke Hurt Again

The Saints have three Clarkes but only old Matthew is usually healthy. Brothers Xavier and Raphael have not been able to get on the field a lot and for Raphael it could be another season missed. According to The Herald-Sun he might not be ready until halfway through the season.

Link to story: Pain for Saint Raphael Clarke

The Saints list R Clarke as one of the players recovering from injury, others include Hayes, Maguire, Hudghton, Hamill and Watts. All the players, except for Raphael Clarke, are expected to be healthy for the regular season.

AFL Fantasy Impact:

None of the Clarkes at St. Kilda were going to be on many AFL fantasy teams. But forget about signing Raphael now and even in June he may not be worth signing as players will have cemented spots there under their new coach. Armitage is a player that should be cheap to purchase in AFL fantasy leagues but he should contribute, and he might have been competing with R Clarke for playing time. Obviously Dal Santo, Ball and a healthy Hayes will be the best options for AFL fantasy from the Saints’ midfield.
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Dockers' Byron Schammer Returns To Hospital

The Dockers’ speedy midfielder Byron Schammer has not had a good run this month, and after having an operation earlier in January he is now back in hospital. Originally he was going to be ready for the season but now it is possible that he misses a few games.

Read the official news from the Dockers.

AFL Fantasy Impact:

Schammer would have been an important part of the Dockers midfield so his absence will give others the chance for greater statistics. Maybe old McManus keeps going and even improves on his numbers from last season. Or maybe Mundy gets to play on the ball all the time, that would make him a great fantasy option. Schammer could take a while to get back to AFL fitness level but when he does he will be a solid inclusion for AFL fantasy teams.
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AFL Anagrams: N

David Neitz:
Has a bunch of records at the Melbourne Demons but does not have an anagram.

Chris Newman: Rich Newsman
He could follow Neil Cordy into the media business.

Michael Newton: While He Cannot
While he cannot get a game right now he has potential for the future.

Daniel Nicholls: In Slice Holland
Better look out for Ben during a game, or Brodie at training.

Mark Nicoski: Kicks A Minor
He also can kick a major score.

Tim Notting: Got Mint Tin
Good to see he got something, he did get a new contract there too.
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AFL Trivia Tuesday: January 23 2007

He keeps going and going, but who can remember when Kevin Sheedy first became the coach of the Essendon Bombers. Leave a comment below and answer, what year did Kevin Sheedy first coach the Bombers?
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The 5 Year Plan: Adelaide

The numbers for the players are their approximate ages in 5 years time. Of course, trades, injuries, drafts and unexpected retirements will affect what players are still around in 5 years. But this might be the core of the team when season 2011 starts.

FB K Massie 31, B Rutten 28, R Shirley 31

HB G Johncock 28, N Bock 28, M Mattner 29

C N Van Berlo 25, B Reilly 27, R Douglas 24

HF N Gill 29, J Sellar 23, M Doughty 32

FF L Jericho 26, T Hentschel 28, K Tippett 23

Foll J Meesen 25, S Thompson 28, J Porplyzia 26

bench I Maric 25, D Mackay 23, S Stevens 29, K McGregor 30

Outlook: No Ricciuto, that will take some getting used to. He won't be the only premiership small they will lose so the midfield is where they will have to draft and trade for. The back line should continue to be one of the AFL's best. But the forward line could continue without a true full forward. Tippett or Sellar might become the answer to that, maybe Tippett is in the goalsquare and the more mobile Sellar is around centre half forward.
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Chris Tarrant and Dean Solomon Are Allocated WAFL Teams

It is unlikely to happen very often, but if Tarrant and Solomon are playing in the WAFL then it will be with East Perth and Perth.

WAFL Allocation Draft Results
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The Hawkins Era Delayed In Geelong

The Geelong Cats have announced, and Channel 7 news also had a story, that Geelong full forward Tom Hawkins has a stress injury in his right leg. He will be restricted to light training for 4 to 8 weeks and will miss the preseason games. It was good to see the footage from the Under 18 games with Hawkins on the lead taking a strong mark, Geelong fans will have a lot to look forward to when he makes his debut.

Hawkins on modified program Geelong FC announcement.

AFL Fantasy Impact:

Hawkins was going to be the best value player for all the first year forwards in the league. Now you might want to try another low-cost option on your AFL fantasy bench for the early rounds. But whenever Hawkins is ready to go then sign him up. The fantasy value of several Geelong players will increase with Hawkins out. With no Hawkins, or Steve Johnson, Ottens should have better stats while Nathan Ablett should also see more of the ball.
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AFL Anagrams: M Part 3

Brent Moloney: Only Be Mentor
When he was injured last season he couldn't play, he could only be a mentor to their new players.

Angus Monfries: Using From Manes
Could try using the inspiration of former Bomber Greg Anderson's hair.

Leigh Montagna: Hotel Managing
Some players do need to look elsewhere as they won't make it at AFL level.

Brett Montgomery: Norm Got My Better
Can play on most players, but apparently not someone called Norm, although nobody in the AFL has that name now.

Matthew Moody: Why Motto Made
Does Brisbane have a club motto?

Cameron Mooney: A Moon Ceremony
That is where he gets his powers from, which then leads to a two or three game suspension.

Bradley Moran: Learn Ram Body
Needs to bulk up and learn how to use his size.

Dale Morris: Arm Soldier
The Bulldogs are better armed with him on the field.

Mitch Morton: Commit North
There would be more opportunities for him if he did agree to a trade to Brisbane.

David Mundy: Dud Navy Mid
If Mundy is played in the middle for Fremantle he might be matched up on one of those, but not the next player.

Marc Murphy: Mr Pray Much
He has to be asking for better players there.

Robert Murphy: Thump By Error
It was a coaching error to play him on A Rocca, and he got a thump.

Ryan Murphy: Murphy Yarn
Fremantle could have a good story to tell this season.

Thomas Murphy: My Sharp Mouth
There are a few older Hawks who have a vocal capacity on the field, Murphy isn't in that group.

Beau Muston: About Us Men
They were a young team but this season they can't use that excuse again.
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The 5 Year Plan: Brisbane

The numbers for the players are their approximate ages in 5 years time. Of course, trades, injuries, drafts and unexpected retirements will affect what players are still around in 5 years. But this might be the core of the team when season 2011 starts.

FB C Begley 25, J Brennan 27, J Adcock 25

HB A Proud 23, D Merrett 26, J Roe 27

C M Moody 25, T Selwood 27, C Stiller 25

HF C Schmidt 23, M Clark 23, J MacDonald 26

FF M Leuenberger 23, J Brown 29, L Power 31

Foll C Wood 24, J Sherman 24, M Rischitelli 25

bench J Charman 29, S Sheldon 23, J Hawksley 23, J Attard 25

Outlook: They are going to be tall. No team in the AFL will have a better group of ruckmen than the Lions when Wood and Leuenberger are stronger and more experienced, and Charman will still be around too. Brown has plenty of years ahead of him too, the only possible problem for the Lions and their talls is in the back line. But they currently have a few options there and can use the drafts and trading to find some more tall players for their back half. The Lions' onballers are a young group at the moment, except for Power and Black, and if the Lions can keep all their youth they might develop together into a strong unit. The Lions could have some high draft picks in the coming years and if they add some more midfielders, and a tall defender or two, they are a chance to become a premiership contender again.
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AFL and NFL Profiles For Darren Bennett, Ben Graham, Saverio Rocca

Here are links to the profiles for the AFL and NFL players.

Ben Graham


Yahoo Sports


Darren Bennett


Yahoo Sports


Saverio Rocca


Rocca is expected to sign with the Philadelphia Eagles soon.

Better not forget Nathan Chapman, there isn't a lot in his profiles except for his picture but he did play many games for Brisbane and Hawthorn as well a preseason game with the Green Bay Packers. August 21, 2004 was when Nathan Chapman took to the field for the Packers in a preseason game. He had 3 punts that game for 114 yards, which averaged out to 38 yards per punt.

Nathan Chapman


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AFL Anagrams: M Part 2

Brock McLean: Clock Mr Bean
Rowan Atkinson better not visit the Demons' training sessions.

Andrew McLeod: Menaced World
He menaced the Saints and Kangaroos, and most other teams.

Jordan McMahon: Common Hand Jar
His talent is uncommon in the AFL.

Shaun McManus:
No anagram for the veteran Docker.

Luke McPharlin: A Milk Per Lunch
Milk makes you strong, and for McPharlin it must have also given him springs in his legs.

Adam McPhee: He Made Camp
He will be at their preseason training camp.

Andrew McQualter: Quarter Claw Mend
Will need some repairs to his hand at quarter time.

Jarrad and Mark McVeigh:
The McVeighs couldn't make an anagram.

Paul Medhurst: Had True Slump
He certainly did, but gets a fresh start with Collingwood.

John Meesen:
Doesn't make an anagram but should make his debut for the Crows in 2007.

Daniel Merrett: Retirement, Lad
Maybe the Lions thought they would say that to him but he has improved a lot.

Malcolm Michael: Call Home, I'm Calm
Possibly a message from old Lethal to departed Mal.

Darren Milburn: Mild Barren Run
The Cats have had a barren run when it comes to AFL premierships.

Brad Miller: Mild Barrel
Melbourne players don't have the best anagrams.

Stephen Milne: Men Hit Spleen
Milne isn't the biggest player so a hit there might put him out of the game for an extended period of time.

Will Minson: Ill Minnows
The bigs were hit by injuries in 2006, maybe in 2007 some of their smalls go down.

Sam Mitchell: Melt His Calm
It takes a lot to stop Mitchell being calm in the crisis.
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The 5 Year Plan: Carlton

The numbers for the players are their approximate ages in 5 years time. Of course, trades, injuries, drafts and unexpected retirements will affect what players are still around in 5 years. But this might be the core of the team when season 2011 starts.

FB A Bentick 26, S O'hAilpin 28, B Thornton 27

HB B Fisher 27, P Bower 23, A Walker 25

C K Simpson 27, L Blackwell 24, S Grigg 23

HF J Waite 28, J Kennedy 24, J Russell 24

FF E Betts 25, B Fevola 30, N Stevens 31

Foll S Hampson 23, M Murphy 24, B Gibbs 23

bench L Whitnall 32, C Benjamin 23, C Ackland 29, A Carrazzo 27

Outlook: Could Fevola actually be there in 2011, it might be that he isn't even there for 2008. Whitnall and Stevens are other players who may not make it that far into the future. The last two drafts have brought in a lot of players who should become important players. Hampson, or possibly Jacobs who they drafted in the recent rookie draft, should be the starting ruckman there in 5 years time. Murphy, Gibbs, Grigg, Blackwell and Simpson should be a solid midfield group with good skills and versatility. Setanta O'hAilpin could be joined by his brother Aisake, currently on their rookie list, in the Carlton backline. Setanta O'hAilpin will need some more height around him in the backline, and if Bower or Thornton are not enough then possibly Waite will need to be played down back too. Kennedy could develop into one of the best centre half forwards in the AFL by 2011, and the future success of Carlton may depend on Kennedy more than it does their young midfielders.
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AFL Anagrams: M Part 1

Andrew Mackie: Weak Crime DNA
There are a few players at Geelong that he should not use as role models.

Matthew Maguire: With Mature Game
An experienced defender for the Saints.

Josh Mahoney: Oh, Enjoy Hams
Does train hard but could take a break and enjoy a steamed ham.

Nick Malceski: Can Kick Miles
Not the worst attribute for a footballer to have.

Ivan Maric: I'm Car Vain
Looking at who sponsors his team he better be driving a Toyota. Here we go, Camry Crows.

Kris Massie: Is Same Risk
Does seem to be a bit injury-prone now, but probably is the same risk as most Crows.

Ben Mathews: Web Anthems
Something for him to listen to.

Martin Mattner: Mr Martian Tent
Where the umpires go to buy camping supplies.

Nick Maxwell: Knew Mix Call
He might know Mick's call at Collingwood.

Daniel McConnell: I'll Condemn Lance
It can't be Franklin or Whitnall, must be talking about Picione.

Beau McDonald: Odd Ambulance
He's had plenty of injuries over his career.

James McDonald: Sold Jammed Can
Not the best anagram.

Andrew McDougall: Would Calm Danger
The Bulldogs didn't get him to calm danger, they got him to take marks and kick goals.

Ashley McGrath: My Leg Act Harsh
Seems to have lost his speed and his kicking ability.

Ken McGregor:
No anagram but might in 2007 he should get more playing time.

Luke McGuane: Clue Make Gun
Maybe they can develop him into a gun forward for the Tigers, he has played well there at VFL level.

Hamish McIntosh: Hits Him On Chasm
They used to have a paddock, but now their forward line is a barren chasm.

Dylan McLaren: Ran End Calmly
At least one player is calm in the crisis there.
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The New AFL Bandwagons

The new season means new players and AFL fans at all clubs will quickly find a favourite new player to support.

A lot of the Crows' hopes for the future will rest with Sellar. He is big, he is local and he should be a fan favourite. James Sellar should keep the Crows out of the cellar in the AFL standings.

Proud should be a popular player in Brisbane. They don't have to worry about him wanting to move to another state as they do with many of their young players.

It has to be Gibbs, and Carlton fans will once again be happy to go to the game with a number 4 jumper on.

Reid is the next star for Magpies fans. Might not be 2007 but it shouldn't be too far away.

There might be couple of new players that the fans like. While Gumbleton would be the logical choice, initially it could be the exciting Jetta or the AFL-ready Hislop that have the fans cheering. There are also more opportunities at Essendon in the midfield so expect Jetta and Hislop to get more playing time. The Jetta bandwagon might be the first one to fill with fans.

It should be Tarrant. Dockers fans will be expecting him to be a difference maker for them.

The Hawkins bandwagon will be overloaded before the 2007 season is over.

Thorp is the player they needed in the draft, he will of course be very popular with their Tasmanian fans but all Hawks supporters will be happy to cheer for him.

Hansen will instantly become one of their favourite players as soon as he plays a game.

Petterd might be the new Demon who gets a chance to play.

Port Adelaide
Krakouer would be the right choice here.

Richmond fans will have the choice of Riewoldt or Kingsley. 95% of fans will be on the Riewoldt bandwagon, and there might be a 5% margin of error there as well.

St Kilda
The new, but very old, ruckmen are not the type to have the fans excited. That leaves the draft picks to consider and Armitage has the pace and flair that should entertain.

According to Everitt he can walk around Sydney in relative anonymity, but for Swans fans he will be a welcome addition and he will have plenty of new supporters.

West Coast
There won't be a lot of playing time for the new players at the Eagles but they did draft some good prospects. Mitchell Brown may get a few games up forward and plenty of fans there will be excited with his fast leading and strong marking.

Western Bulldogs
Akermanis will have a lot of new fans. If they win the AFL Premiership in 2007 the Akermanis bandwagon will be a very popular place.
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The 5 Year Plan: Collingwood

The numbers for the players are their approximate ages in 5 years time. Of course, trades, injuries, drafts and unexpected retirements will affect what players are still around in 5 years. But this might be the core of the team when season 2011 starts.

FB H O'Brien 24, N Brown 23, T Lockyer 31

HB B Johnson 30, B Reid 23, R Lonie 28

C N Maxwell 28, D Swan 27, R Shaw 29

HF C Egan 25, C Dawes 23, D Thomas 24

FF C Bryan 29, S Rusling 24, A Didak 28

Foll J Fraser 29, S Pendlebury 24, H Shaw 25

bench G Richards 28, L Davis 30, T Cloke 24, B Holland 31

Outlook: The Magpies will need a bit more height in the future but they have the makings of a very quick and versatile team. Brown and Reid might have to play the key defensive spots, but Brown might be better as a full forward and Reid could do more damage in an onball role. Dawes' injury problems could be an old memory in 5 years time and he could be the big body that replaces Rocca up forward. Pendlebury, Rusling and Thomas should be the match-winners for Collingwood in the future, their size and versatility will make them difficult to contain.
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The 5 Year Plan: Essendon

The numbers for the players are their approximate ages in 5 years time. Of course, trades, injuries, drafts and unexpected retirements will affect what players are still around in 5 years. But this might be the core of the team when season 2011 starts.

FB M McVeigh 30, K Bradley 25, J Winderlich 26

HB A McPhee 28, S Gumbleton 23, N Lovett-Murray 28

C L Jetta 23, B Stanton 25, R Dyson 25

HF A Lovett 28, P Ryder 23, A Welsh 28

FF A Davey 27, C Johns 26, A Monfries 26

Foll J Laycock 26, T Hislop 23, J Watson 26

bench D Hille 30, C Dempsey 24, J Nash 25, H Slattery 25

Outlook: Hird, Lloyd, Lucas and Fletcher will all be gone by 2011, maybe Sheedy won't be there too. But Essendon will have a solid list then and there will be a good balance of tall players and a competitive midfield. Gumbleton might have been drafted as their centre half forward of the future, but if that is to happen then a couple of big bodies will need to be found for their back line. Ruck depth is something that the Bombers have always had and the ruckmen that Essendon currently have should all be there in 5 years time. The Bombers will have to worry about keeping some of their players away from teams in their home states. All the talls along their future spine are from Western Australia, it will be a difficult task to keep them away from the Eagles and Dockers. But the Bombers are one of the better teams at keeping their interstate players.
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AFL Auction Action: 1988 Saints VFL Cards

Those were the days when the football cards were cheap and plentiful. But there is another attribute that makes them more useful than cards today. Not only did the card have a space to get the player's autograph but as the card was not coated in a glossy finish they were also much easier to write on.

1988-Scanlens ST.KILDA- 7 CARDS

There was also a Tony Lockett card that year, number 94 in the set of 144 cards.

The 1988 cards may have also been the first cards for the Brisbane Bears and West Coast Eagles.

The VFL Grand Final winner, Carlton, got a special card with Kernahan and Walls on the front. But the same honour also went to the Little League Premiers, card 144 had Essendon kids on it. There was even greater excitement in the set than those cards, as not only was there a Brisbane card for Geoff Raines but Jim Jess of Richmond also had a card. Plenty of kids were excited to open a pack and see "The Ghost".
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The 5 Year Plan: Fremantle

The numbers for the players are their approximate ages in 5 years time. Of course, trades, injuries, drafts and unexpected retirements will affect what players are still around in 5 years. But this might be the core of the team when season 2011 starts.

FB A Grover 31, L McPharlin 29, B O'Brien 23

HB R Crowley 27, M Johnson 26, S Thornton 29

C B Peake 28, P Hasleby 30, C Collard 23

HF C Tarrant 30, R Murphy 26, R Hayden 30

FF J Longmuir 30, M Pavlich 29, L Webster 29

Foll A Sandilands 28, B Schammer 26, D Mundy 26

bench D Headland 30, S Dodd 28, M Drum 24, R Warnock 24

Outlook: The Dockers have plenty of tall options at the moment and most of them should still be with the team in 5 years. Where the Dockers will need to use their draft picks is on the smaller players. The Dockers will lose Bell, Black, the Carrs and McManus in the coming seasons. Sandilands will also need a player to back him up. Even without adding a couple of star onballers the Dockers will be a very good team in the future, but they do need to manage their salary-cap wisely to keep the team together.
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